2013 Supplier Excellence Awards

Promo Marketing’s Supplier Excellence Awards honor the top suppliers of apparel and hard goods in 2013. Each year, we work with a group of top-tier distributors to select finalists in 43 product and apparel categories. In our May issue, we listed the finalists and urged you to sign on to PromoMarketing.com to vote for your preferred suppliers. Thousands of you did just that. We tallied the votes and are excited to announce the winners.

Starting on page 21, you will find the gold, silver and bronze winners, along with an example of one of their top products in that category. New suppliers triumphed and old favorites remained on top. We added Temporary Tattoos to our Stickers & Decals category, which led to a new winner. Plus, new suppliers snagged awards in Awareness (page 32), Health & Beauty (page 54), Toys & Games (page 78) and other popular categories. To see the other top companies in the 43 product categories, turn to page 86 for the full list of finalists.

The Supplier Excellence Awards issue would not be complete without the list of the Top 50 Suppliers, which you can find on page 90. The 2013 list is based on 2012 sales numbers, which showed a $200 million increase from 2011. The post-recession growth has slowed, but something is evident with 2012’s sales numbers that was missing the past few years: confidence. Almost every supplier on the list had a jump in the number of employees from July last year. Hiring new employees shows confidence in the product, the long-term growth of the company and in you, their distributor partners. Good luck with sales for the second half of 2013. Don’t forget that your supplier partners have confidence in you.

For a list of the 2013 Supplier Excellence Awards winners, click here. Click here for a full list of the finalists, and click here for the Top 50 Suppliers ranking.

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