Charles River Apparel’s “‘Tis The Season For Giving” Campaign Results

Pictured left to right: Jamie O'Loughlin, Friends of Boston's Homeless, event planner and development; Deb Lipsett, Charles River Apparel, manager of strategic partnerships; Kate Souza, Charles River Apparel, public relations specialist; Daryl Sellers, Boston Public Health Commission Homeless Services, Work Experience Program, support staff; David Dolly, Boston Public Health Commission Homeless Services, Work Experience Program, coordinator; John Comaschi, Boston Public Health Commission Homeless Services, coordinator of Serving Ourselves Work Program.
Company donates over 1,400 items to Friends of Boston's Homeless.

Charles River Apparel, a leading manufacturer of outerwear and performance apparel based in Sharon, Mass., announced the results of its second annual holiday “‘Tis the Season for Giving” campaign.

As part of its Charles River Cares program, throughout the month of December, the company challenged Facebook users to “like” the Charles River Apparel fan page. In return, the company promised to donate one piece of apparel for each new “like” to Friends of Boston’s Homeless, a non-profit that supports Homeless Services’ (of the Boston Public Health Commission) innovative, solution-oriented programs to help the homeless move beyond shelter and back into the community as independent citizens.

As a result of the campaign, the company donated over 1,400 pieces of apparel to Friends of Boston’s Homeless, tripling the amount of success from last year’s campaign.

“As a family-owned business, we make it a priority to give back to our community and we were so touched by the work that Friends of Boston’s Homeless does to better the lives of those who really need help,” said Deb Lipsett, manager of strategic partnerships for Charles River Apparel. “We are so thrilled with the outpouring of support we received for the second year of the ‘Tis the Season for Giving campaign, specifically from our customers nationwide. It is wonderful to be able to give so many pieces of apparel and know each and every one will help keep an individual warm this winter.”

Charles River Apparel has made plans to partner with Friends of Boston’s Homeless this spring on a variety of volunteer opportunities for its employees.

“We, at Friends of Boston’s Homeless, are thrilled to partner with Charles River Apparel,” said Jamie O’Loughlin, event planner and development for Friends of Boston’s Homeless. “We are thankful for the outpouring of support. This donation will help keep our community’s homeless men and women warm and dry this winter season. Thank you, Charles River Apparel.”

Year-round, the Charles River Cares program donates high quality apparel to a variety of charities. Over the past 30 years, tens of thousands of clothing items have been donated both in the Unites States and abroad.

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