Day Two and Final Day Coverage of the PPAI Expo 2013

Day two of the PPAI Expo went similarly to the first, the show appearing as busy as the prior day. Yesterday saw several of the show’s cornerstone events, such as PPAI’s The Power of Two Party and the show’s final keynote luncheon, “Business Values From A Six-Year-Old.”

“We’re very excited to be here at the PPAI Expo,” said Chad Majewski, vice president of sales for Noteworthy. “The first day was great, and we thought the second day was even better. We’re hoping that the thrid day will let everyone finish up their odds and ends and allow us to finally get back home after a quick two weeks in the industry with Orlando and Vegas,”

He added, “We’re excited to have a fresh start for the new year and looking forward to see where the rest of 2013 is headed to.”

Promo Marketing’s show coverage will continue throughout the day. Like yesterday, news and new product photography will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you’re at the show, you can visit some of the Promo Marketing staff at booth 6726.

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