Coverage from the First Day of the 2013 PPAI Expo

The first day of the 2013 PPAI Expo wrapped yesterday, January 16. As in years’ past, the scale of the show was enormous; companies packing the floor with towering booths staffed with everything from their full sales forces to costumed mascots and, in some instances, bartenders. Though difficult to tightly estimate due to the huge, mazelike setup of the two-story convention hall, the show seemed well-attended, distributors still managing to flood some hallways to near-gridlock simply due to their sheer number.

PPAI show staff was helpful and easy to find, there were plenty of show materials and free samples everywhere, and as always, there were a ton of new products on display. (To see some of these products, visit our Facebook page or Twitter, where new products will be displayed throughout the week.)

“We always come here with high expectations, but at 10:03 in the morning when all six of our sales tables are full with customers who want to talk about progams, you’ve gotta say it’s a great way to start, and it continued all throughout the day,” said Mary Ellen Nichols, MAS, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes.

She continued, “We had over 200 new products we had to show and our booth was packed the entire day. At 5:45 we had to kick people out,” she explained. “So, first day, A+++, and we’re hoping Thursday and Friday at the PPAI Expo lead us out into a fantastic year.”

Coverage of the show’s last day will continue in tomorrow’s Headlines.

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