CPSC Re-Issues Recall for Columbia Sportswear Jackets

The Omni-Heat Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries.

33 affected jackets have been sold since the first recall in November 2011.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Columbia Sportswear, has announced a voluntary recall of batteries included in five jackets from the apparel company.

The defective battery pack, the Omni-Heat Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries (part number 054978-001), is reported to have a cell defect causing the pack to overheat, creating a fire hazard. The batteries were included in the following five jacket styles, all from the company’s 2011 catalog: Men’s Electro Amp Jacket (SM7864), Men’s Circuit Breaker Softshell Jacket (SM7855), Women’s Circuit Breaker Softshell Jacket (SL7856), Women’s Snow Hottie Jacket (SL7866) and Women’s Snow Hottie Parka (SL7853).

The company believes that 33 of the jackets have been sold between September and November 2012, with each containing two batteries. Consumers with one of the affected jackets should immediately remove the battery pack and contact Columbia Sportswear for a replacement.

This week’s recall is a reissue of a previous recall, first announced in November 2011. The same batteries included in the jackets mentioned above were included in other jackets sold nationwide. According to Columbia Sportswear, the jackets in the most recent recall were only available online and at official Columbia Sportswear outlets.

They company did not state how the recalled batteries came to be included in another line of products, or if other jackets could be affected. Any supplier or distributor carrying electronically-heated Columbia Sportswear jackets should check the part number on any included batteries before selling them to a client.

More information on the recall is available on the CPSC’s website.

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