Crystal D Commends 37 Employees at Annual Recognition Event

St. Paul, Minnesota-based Crystal D honored 37 employees at their annual recognition event called WOW Day on January 26.

WOW Day is an annual off-site company-wide meeting designed to honor employees for various achievements and cast the corporate vision for the coming year. During the event Chuck Dahlgren, company preside, and Mike Irvine, vice president of operations, presented their plans for 2012.

WOW Day is also designed to honor a new group of incoming Value Champions; all nominated by their peers. A Value Champion is a person who embodies one of the Crystal D corporate values: integrity, respect, quality, commitment, and passion. The Grand Value Champion is one person who embodies all five of the corporate values.

The 2011 Value Champions are:
Grand Value Champion: Angel Zook
Integrity: Tessa Trumble; Toua Yang, honorable mention
Respect: Ann Kirch; Kay Larsen, honorable mention
Quality: Michael “Zito” Vitali; Mike Goetz, honorable mention
Commitment: Sasha Cohen; Mike Sorg, honorable mention
Passion: David Saatzer; Joey Stupak, honorable mention

In addition to the Value Champions, other corporate awards were presented including:

Step Up: TeriKay Thein
Expect Excellence: Sharon Lezer
Kick Ass: Emily Garzon
Above & Beyond: Corey Wilson
Rising Stars: Troy Scarborough and Brent Larson
Rookie of the Year: Ian Hanson and Holly Eiden
Never Fear, Always Here Award: Mike Irvine, Cheryl Dixon, Kay Larsen, Vantha Khou, Holly Eiden, Chris Doering, Josh Fredrickson, Cathy Klein, David Saatzer, David Schaeppi, John Stefani, Joey Stupak, Terikay Thein, Tom Warkel, Ann Kirch, Paula Doll, Corey Wilson, and Jennifer Contreras

“The group of winners that received awards is so deserving of recognition,” said Dahlgren. “It is always so fun and inspiring to show the winners just how important their conscientious work is to the organization and to their peers.”

Pictures of the winning employees will be displayed throughout the next 12 months on the Crystal D Wall of Fame. These images were unveiled on February 8 at a company-wide luncheon and celebration.

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