Crystal D Hires New Employees, Larsen Retires

Kristi Miller, recently hired production assistant for Crystal D.

Brenda Peralta, recently hired order manager for Crystal D.

Corey Wilson, recent transfer to Crystal D's customer service department. Her new title is order manager.

Kay Larsen, who retired on May 3.

Crystal D, St. Paul, Minn., has announced several personnel changes in its offices. The company has hired two new employees, one employee has been transferred to customer service, and Kay Larsen has retired.

Kristi Miller was hired as a production assistant. She is primarily responsible for assisting the art department with art output and preparing customer artwork for production. Miller has a background in graphic design, specializing in promotional materials.

Brenda Peralta was hired as an order manager. Peralta will be responsible for managing orders as they move through the production process. She is a seasoned professional with a 32-year career originating in the restaurant business.

Corey Wilson has moved to the customer service department. Her new title is order manager. She is responsible for assisting customers with orders throughout the production process. Wilson is the current Passion Value Champion and has received many other honors in almost 4 years at Crystal D..

Kay Larsen retired on May 3, following a 19-year tenure with Crystal D. She served in customer service as an order manager for the majority of her career, and then moved to the art department four years ago as the quality control specialist. The company celebrated her retirement with a company-wide gathering. Many Crystal D employees shared stories and sentiments with Larsen that day. In addition, she received a memory book filled with pictures, two crystal awards, and a vacation voucher as symbols of appreciation for her commitment to Crystal D. 

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