Distributor Goldner Associates Fully Functioning After Nashville Flood

Goldner Associates announced it has regained access to its Nashville headquarters office building and is 100 percent operational after the recent Nashville flood. Employees were not allowed access to the office building the week of May 3 for fear of a nearby levee compromise and flooding to the area. However, all servers were moved off-site and Nashville employees were able to work from home with minimal interruptions.

According to president Andy Straus, “We are very fortunate as none of our employees had any significant flooding problems. We have family, friends, and clients whose homes or businesses have been devastated. It’s a strange place to be right now, as parts of Nashville are open for business as if nothing ever happened while other areas are completely destroyed.”

Straus continued, “Our office and warehouse remained dry; however our entire office complex lost power and was evacuated … We’ve been working from homes all week and doing the best we could to function. I am so fortunate to have such a great team and a dedicated staff; our customers only had minimal interruptions. We appreciate everyone’s care, concern and patience with us during this trying time.”

Goldner Associates would like to encourage donations to one of the great organizations who continue to help with the recovery efforts. They hope people will support the following organizations and be sure to designate to Nashville flood relief for Nashville-specific donations.

About Goldner Associates Inc.
Goldner Associates Inc. is a premier provider of creative promotional product solutions. The company has showrooms in Orlando, Nashville, and Raleigh, N.C. and sales representatives throughout the U.S. For more information visit www.goldnerassociates.com.

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