Hurricane Sandy Closure Updates: Friday, Nov. 2

Below is a list noting which companies have opened and which have remained closed as of 2:30 p.m. EST today due to Hurricane Sandy. Notes on each company’s status have been provided where available. Companies that could not be reached for comment have been omitted in order to prevent confusion, but may appear again on future lists should contact be made. For yesterday’s list, which includes several of the ommited companies, click here.

Companies that were closed, but have now opened:

  • 365 Wholesale—Deer Park, N.Y. (Working on a limited basis under generator power. The company is shipping orders and responding to email.)
  • Chocolate Inn/Taylor & Grant—Freeport, N.Y.
  • Compass Industries—New York City (Open, but with limited capabilities. Customers can call 800 221-9904 or fax 212 353-0826.)
  • Lindenline—Lindenhurst, N.Y.
  • ProRose Inc.—Stamford, Conn. (Open since Thursday.)
  • Liqui-Mark Corp.—Hauppauge, N.Y.
  • Jornik Manufacturing—Stamford, Conn.

Companies that have remained closed:

  • Admatch-Regal—New York City (Power outage.)
  • Capco Sportswear—Moonachie, N.J.
  • Gordon Sinclair—New Hyde Park, N.Y (Per the company’s website: “Please note that our N.Y. office will be closed on November 2 due to Hurricane Sandy. Our GA office is open and will be able to assist you with all questions and concerns. Orders will not be shipping out until power is restored. Our power is out and we do not know when it will be restored. We cannot access company email. Please email us at”)
  • Essef Distributors/Lincoln Line—Mineola, N.Y. (Phone and fax lines are down, limited cell phone service. Staff is on-site and is available via email.)
  • Zenith Promotions—Lawrence, N.Y. (Still without power or phone service, but the company is monitoring emails. Customers can email for assistance.)
  • Rainkist Umbrella—Edison, N.J. (Power outage. No damage to facilities.)
  • Points of Light—Fairfield, N.J. (“Unfortunately, it’s now day five with no power at Points of Light in Fairfield, New Jersey. As reported earlier, the building and contents suffered no damage, but without power, we are unable to run the machinery. We have been assured by local authorities that we should be up and running by Monday … if not sooner. Positive points worth sharing (again): We still have key personnel on-site at the facility; We’re staging materials for immediate production when power returns; We are actively processing orders and artwork that are being sent in; We are actively corresponding with customers that have tight lead times; When power returns, we’ll continue operations virtually ’round the clock until the backlog is eliminated. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Once again, please stay safe, help others around you, donate to the Red Cross, and send us orders.” —Scott A. Nussinow, MAS, Executive Vice President)

PPAI and PPAI and the Promotional Products Disaster Relief Foundation (PPDRF) announced that the Business Recovery Fund (BRF) is available to suppliers and distributors affected by Hurricane Sandy. Contact the BRF at or (888) 426-7724 or at the link above.

Promo Marketing will continue to cover this story as it develops. If you have information about company closures, damages or announcements, send it to and we will post it on

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    Liquimark is now open again.