Logomark Celebrates 20 Years of Product Design and Innovation

Company marks two decades of wowing customers with premium products and best-in-class service.

Founded in Orange County, Calif., Logomark, along with its award-winning solutions team, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Founded by Trevor Gnesin in 1993 with the goal of providing an exceptional customer experience, the company ties its growth to a stellar team committed to innovation and an impressive list of savvy brands as long-time clients.

Logomark Group has grown from a fledgling concept to a 500 employee, $97 million enterprise, developing renowned campaigns for major brands along the way. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies have branded products through Logomark.

“When I left South Africa over 20 years ago for the United States I knew I wanted to build a very special company in America and embrace the opportunities that come with hard work and a vision,” said Trevor Gnesin, founder and CEO of Logomark. “From our humble beginnings with five employees, a pen line, and a drive to win, our company has become a trusted partner to distributors who supply the world’s largest brands. Logomark is an example of what’s possible when great ideas and great people come together to ignite an industry.”

Logomark’s success is reliant on a series of standards and practices over the past several years to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and retention. They include:

  • Quality & Safety – Logomark is a founding member of the Quality Certification Alliance and the first supplier to receive the Seal of Accreditation, ensuring safe and compliant products.
  • Product Range – Logomark offers a diverse range of products as well as products made in the USA through the Valumark brand, one division of Logomark, which offers items at “the right price” and features more than 20 categories of premium products and specialty packaging.
  • Decoration Variety – Logomark offers a wide range of personalization options: screen and pad print, laser, deboss and emboss, embroidery, vinyl and domes and with full color capability.
  • Unparalleled Services – From the Logomark mobile app, to Advantage 24, a 24-hour service, the company ensures clients have all the tools and resources necessary to meet all product needs.
  • Design Center – Located in Tustin, the design center is available for distributors and their clients to become fully immersed in a three-dimensional creative experience, seeing and touching more than 4,000 products.

“The promotional products business moves at the speed of light,” said Brian Padian, vice president of inside sales for Logomark. “Our clients rely on Logomark each day to deliver quality, innovative products that delight and intrigue. Through our work, we’ve changed the standards in the industry and demonstrated the possibilities that come with having a singular focus on exceeding client expectations.”

For more information, visit www.logomark.com.

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