Norwood & BIC Graphic Announces All Standard Production Times Have Returned, Including Free 24-hour Service on BIC Graphic Catalog Items

Norwood & BIC Graphic recently announced all standard production times, including BIC Graphic’s free 24-hour service, have been reinstated. The organization is back to business as usual and ready to prove it—if an order ships late, the distributor will receive $25 towards their next order for either Norwood or BIC Graphic products.

“We are confident we can deliver and we’re ready to prove it,” said Rob Babb, vice president of sales. “We are completely back to standard lead times as well as 24-Hour service on hundreds of products.”

Norwood & BIC Graphic recently underwent an I.T. system transition impacting Norwood Writing Instruments and the BIC Graphic product line.

“Though the I.T. transition had its challenges, we believe that we will ultimately be a better, more responsive company thanks to the benefits of the new system,” said Emmanuel Bruno, vice president and general manager. “Now that we’re past it, we want to show our customers we can provide the reliable service they deserve.”

“We are ON TIME & READY to Prove it!” promotion details: “We are so confident in our production times we will give you $25 towards your next Norwood or BIC Graphic order if we fail to ship on time! Some exclusions apply. One-time $25 credit applies to your next order only. Calendars, Norwood Pacific Solutions, factory direct and sourced orders are excluded. Offer ends December 31, 2012.”

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