PM Video Battle: Quality Logo Product’s Ping-pong Zaniness Versus Geiger’s Take on Art and Ponies

Edit 6/6/14: This poll is now closed, with Quality Logo Products locking up its fourth and final win, making it into the video battle hall of fame!

Promo Marketing’s Video Battle pits two industry videos against each other for the chance at the ultimate bragging right: Being declared our readership’s absolute favorite. (Next up: Dealing with the crushing fact that it’s almost June. Where has this year gone?!)

Last week, Quality Logo Products defeated AAkron Line’sNew Strobe Bottles with L.E.D. Flashing Caps video, extending its win streak to an impressive three in a row. If Quality Logo Products wins one more battle, its video will be retired to the Video Battle Hall of Fame and General Awesomeness.

This week, Quality Logo Products faces off against fellow distributor and hardened video battle veteran Geiger, who presents a serious threat to Quality Logo Products hall-of-fame dreams with its “Modern Art AKA ‘It’s a pony'” video.

The winner will be decided by a simple poll. The poll will close the morning of Friday, June 6, the same day a new battle will start.

Companies whose videos win for four weeks in a row will be retired to “The Official Video Battle Hall of Fame and General Awesomeness,” forever enshrined in Internet glory.

Current Champion: “Ping Pong Balls” by Quality Logo Products

The Challenger: “Modern Art AKA ‘It’s a pony'” by Geiger

Click here for prior video battles. Have a promotional product video you’d like to submit to PM’s Video Battle? Send suggestions to

Video battle combatants who triumph in four battles in a row will be forever enshrined below, in chronological order.

“SnugZ USA Lanyards” by SnugZ USA
“ by ROBYN” by ROBYN Promotions

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