Prime Line CEO Rick Brenner Appointed to International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization Board

Rick Brenner, CEO of supplier Prime Line, based in Bridgeport, Conn., has been appointed to the board of directors of the International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization (ICPHSO), the world’s leading consortium of businesses, scientists, legal professionals, government officials and product safety advocates dedicated to consumer health and safety concerns.

ICPHSO is one of the oldest and largest multinational organizations dedicated to improving knowledge and product safety worldwide. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, ICPHSO holds annual meetings where experts in several fields discuss the best ways to design products, to create standards, to inform legislation and to protect consumers. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to help our industry,” Brenner said. “ICPHSO is really all about product safety.”

“When we think about product safety in this industry, we focus primarily on ‘regulatory compliance’: What will our strategy be for Prop. 65? What’s involved with the Illinois lead law? How do we comply with the apparel decorating rules under CPSIA?” he explained. ICPHSO acknowledges these regulatory concerns, but addresses much more, such as the importance of developing products that are safe from the ground up by designing out defects in the first place. “It’s really a much bigger perspective, where we’re part of the whole, but not the whole.”

Brenner became involved with ICPHSO in February 2008, when he attended its annual conference in Washington, D.C. that year, volunteering with the organization and joining its membership committee. At that first conference, he noted that there was only one other attendee from the promotional products industry, a distributor from California. However, since the passage of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in August 2008, representation from the industry has expanded greatly. “We probably had 25 to 30 industry attendees last year, including representatives from PPAI, QCA, and PRAG, PPAI’s Product Responsibility Action Group,” he said.

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