Promo Marketing’s Power Meetings Happy Hour a Great Success

On January 15, the day before exhibits opened at 2013’s PPAI Expo, Promo Marketing hosted a large happy-hour event as a reunion for its 2012 Power Meetings attendees (as well as a “welcome” event for those planning on attending in 2013). The event was hosted in the downstairs bar area of the Mandalay Bay’s Border Grill, where guests were treated to an open bar and a selection of the restaurant’s modern cuisine.

The event was extremely well-attended with around 100 of the industry’s highest-earning suppliers and distributors meeting to have fun, network and discuss business for 2013.

“Yesterday was fun,” said Brian Padian, vice president, sales for Logomark. “After setting up all day, then going to the Promo Marketing party and getting to see all of our Promo Marketing friends, it really made us feel good. We feel we’re a part of the group, and we enjoy everything Promo Marketing does for us at Logomark and vice-versa.”

“It was interesting too, getting to see specific customers that we had seen, and kind of fun just to reconnect with people we had met, whether it was at Denver, Nashville, whatever event we [met] at, it was good,” Padian added.

Dave Leskusky, group president of Promo Marketing, said, “The Power Meeting happy hour went great. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun; it had a very similar energy to the events themselves.”

“It’s nice to see that so many people feel such a strong connection to the events and were so happy to meet up with everyone again,” Leskusky said. “If the turnout and enthusiasm at last night’s party are any indication, 2013 is going to be an amazing year for Promo Marketing’s Power Meetings.”

Promo Marketing Power Meetings are a one-of-a-kind industry event bringing the best in the business together. The events pair some of the industry’s top-selling distributors with some of the biggest promotional products suppliers for one-on-one sessions focused on making connections, making plans and making sales. For more information on Promo Marketing’s Power Meetings, email

Promo Marketing is exhibiting at PPAI Expo at booth 6726. Press coverage of the show will continue through Promo Marketing’s Headlines newsletter for the remainder of the week. Check back tomorrow for news on the first day of exhibits at the 2013 PPAI Expo.

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