SnugZ USA Achieves QCA Accreditation

Nineteen companies have now met the rigorous qualifications to receive the promotional products industry's only certification dedicated to product quality, product safety, supply chain security, social accountability and environmental stewardship.

The Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), Chicago, the promotional product industry’s only independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping companies provide safe products, has awarded QCA Accreditation to Salt Lake City-based SnugZ USA.

“The saying ‘It wouldn’t be easy but it will be worth it’ definitely applies to achieving QCA Accreditation,” said Brandon Mackay, SnugZ USA president. “Suppliers and distributors must educate themselves and implement stringent standards as they pertain to supply chain control as well as testing and auditing of their companies and products to preserve this wonderful industry against sub-par companies and products. We have taken great pride in going through the QCA Certification process to ensure our customers and end-users that their employees, clients and company brands are safe when choosing SnugZ.”

SnugZ USA join the ranks of 18 companies that have previously met the rigorous qualifications to achieve QCA Accreditation: Avaline; Barton Nelson Inc.; BDA Inc.; Broder Bros.; Bullet; Cutter & Buck; Dard Products Inc.; Fanda Enterprises Inc. dba PromoFactory; Garyline; Gemline; Gordon Sinclair; Jetline; JournalBooks/TimePlanner Calendars; Leed’s; Logomark; MMI; Prime Line; and Sweda Company LLC.

QCA Accredited companies have endorsed a self-certification, completed a rigorous self-assessment, and then submitted their headquarters and their supply base to multiple third-party audits. The QCA board uses a scorecard representing the performance of the applicant and its supply chain on the third-party audits as the foundation for granting accreditation.

“Having a company such as SnugZ USA successfully navigate the QCA Accreditation process fills a very important product category for the growing group of end-buyers and distributors who are requesting only QCA Certified product offerings,” said Brent Stone, QCA executive director – operations. “Hand sanitizers and health care products are directly absorbed into the body and have very specific requirements for medical claims, content and labeling. These are not product categories that you can just source at the next Canton Fair for the purpose of expanding your product categories. Rather, these categories require expertise, and relying on a foreign factory to know what the requirements are and then to meet these requirements is a scary proposition. Unfortunately, there is perhaps even a greater risk when it comes to the candy and mints that are being manufactured in China.”

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