Sportsman Cap & Bag to Expand Warehouse

Last year, Sportsman Cap & Bag added bags to its lineup of promotional products. This year, the company is adding square footage to its Shawnee, Kansas-based warehouse.

With more space and an expanded loading dock, the company will have more inventory on site and ready for shipment. Sportsman Cap & Bag president Dan Saferstein said the expansion is being driven by the success of the bag business. After 75 years in the headwear industry, Sportsman Cap & Bag added 13 brands of duffles, totes and backpacks in 2012.

“When we launched the bags, we knew we’d need to adjust,” Saferstein said. “With the success we’re having, that adjustment is coming a little earlier than we expected, but it is a good problem to have.”

As part of the project, Sportsman Cap & Bag is converting to new T5 eco-friendly lighting throughout the facility.

Saferstein said the new space will help the company fulfill its mission of providing customers with the widest selection of the highest-quality products. It also helps the company stick to its promise of same-day shipping on orders received before 3 p.m. Central Time, and pick up orders ready in two hours. It further ensures that Sportsman Cap & Bag remains a fixture in the Kansas City area for years to come.

“My grandfather started the company here because Kansas City was his home. But Kansas City happens to be perfectly located for a company that ships throughout the United States,” Saferstein said. “We have all the ingredients for continued success. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s an exciting time.”

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