Staples Joins Quality Certification Alliance’s Distributor Advocacy Council

Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), the promotional products industry’s only independent, non-governmental accreditation organization, announced today that Staples Promotional Products has joined the Distributor Advocacy Council. Staples Promotional Products is one of the largest promotional product distributors in North America and a business division of Staples Advantage.

QCA, founded in 2008, created the Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) in 2012 to recognize the fact that compliance solutions are best done as a collaborative effort between suppliers and distributors. QCA, in partnership with the DAC, is raising the bar for solutions to provide supply chain transparency, and answer the increasing amount of questions from Fortune 100 companies about product safety and quality.

“We’re excited to join the Distributor Advocacy Council and be an integral part of advancing the promotional products industry,” said Bill Gossman, vice president at Staples Promotional Products. “By working collaboratively through the supply chain, we can build best practices that further drive product quality and sustainability.”

Jeffrey P. Jacobs, executive director of Quality Certification Alliance, added, “To have the Staples brand as part of our Distributor Advisory Council is not only a win for the promotional products industry as a whole, it’s a win for brands and consumers everywhere who have an expectation of safety and compliance in the products and processes by which they are produced. The choice to improve a design or a process because it makes something safer is important and something we’re all committed to. Safety, compliance and social responsibility aren’t new, but they are the new normal. It’s not just good business, it’s the way we do business.”

QCA is recognized by members of the Distributor Advocacy Council as the industry standard. Its mission is to elevate the standards by which firms that import and/or manufacture products are consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious. Together, the Distributor Advisory Council and QCA-accredited suppliers are forming a new level of collaboration in this industry-changing effort, which is the only way to effectively ensure supply chain transparency and control.

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