Dashing Drives

Cutter & Buck's Men's CB DryTec Genre polo is made of 100 percent polyester moisture-wicking mesh and comes with a self-fabric collar and side panels.

Tri-Mountain's Blitz and Lady Blitz are made of 6 oz. 100 percent polyester and have UltraCool and anti-microbial properties.

The new necessities for 
golf apparel are moisture-wicking 
properties, overknit jackets 
and bright colors

These technical necessities now extend beyond polos to jackets and other outerwear meant to battle the elements while on the green. Freet listed a few must-have features for golf outerwear: ease of movement, breathability, and wind and rain protection, all of which Cutter & Buck provides. “We continually do very well with our Edge Performance Series of technical overknits. It is a great second layer that can also move on and off course easily,” he said. Freet commented on the use of outerwear in golf promotions. “Outerwear can mean everything from sweaters and fleece to windwear and performance overknits,” he said. “It is best to keep an open mind when a client is requesting outerwear.”

A Bright Future
Golf apparel suppliers may not always take design inspiration from the runways, but they do pay attention to styles of athletes and sports teams. “Colors have definitely gone bright again, trailing the sports fashion trend that has gone all the way to neon-type colors,” said Freet. “Bright blues and yellows are definitely getting great acceptance in the marketplace,” he added. Tsai agreed, noting that bright colors have boosted golf apparel sales. “Our distributors have had a lot of success with many of our brighter new colors, including our ‘chlorophyll,’ which is a really bright green, and our ‘formula red,’ which is a vibrant red,” he explained.

In addition to neon hues, Tsai mentioned a call for new patterns and textures on golf shirts. “From a design perspective we’re also seeing the demand for a wider variety of looks when it comes to the performance category—stripes, subtle textures, bold color blocking, and a wider range of colors from understated earth tones to bold and lively spring tones,” he stated.

Educate Yourself
Not everyone is a golfer, which makes selling apparel to experienced (or even inexperienced) golfers difficult. If you don’t know why golfers need moisture-wicking shirts, overknit jackets or perfectly fit gloves, you can’t relate the benefits to your clients. “Get educated on the usage of the items—events, uniforms, gifts and the expected season, and you can use this information to determine what type of products will make for the most satisfied customer,” instructed Freet. Tsai advised distributors to think beyond golf courses. “Golf apparel is a universally accepted and popular item for both uniforms and promotional gifts. So the first tip would be to not limit your sales efforts to golf courses,” he said. He also urged distributors to consider companion styles and never forget what the garments are for: performance. “I think it’s also important to not only think of golf apparel in terms of men only—in fact at Tri-Mountain, we almost always offer a women’s companion style that has a true feminine cut and details,” he said. “Lastly, try to understand the look that your client is going for—whether it’s more of a sporty look or a professional look. Depending on their taste you need to put choices in front of them that meet their taste and the functional requirements.”

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