TRG Group Introduces Victorinox Travel Gear Altmont 3.0 Collection

TRG Group, the bag supplier located in St. Louis, announced that Victorinox Travel Gear recently launched a new collection of backpacks, messengers, and day bags called Altmont 3.0. New in this collection is a focus on individuality, as well as what technology you carry. In addition to previous colors of black and red, there are two new colors offered: gray and navy.

You can view the Altmont 3.0 Collection video below:

TRG Group is a leader in the design, production, sales and strategic marketing of travel gear and accessories. Through its stable of brands including Victorinox Swiss Army Brands Travel Gear, Wenger Business Gear, and Soren, TRG has achieved widespread success. They also develop private label travel gear and accessories for major retailers throughout the country. Products made by TRG can be found in leading department and specialty stores in more than 77 countries around the world.

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