TRG Group’s Victorinox Travel Gear Named to Best Luggage of 2013 List

TRG Group's Victorinox Spectra Extra Capacity Carry-On.

St. Louis-based TRG Group recently announced that its Spectra Extra Capacity Carry-On, part of the company’s Victorinox line of travel gear, was selected by CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg in his Best Luggage for 2013 list. The Spectra series was introduced in 2012.

TRG is a leader in the design, production, sales and strategic marketing of travel gear and accessories. Through its stable of brands including Victorinox, Swiss Army Brands Travel Gear, Wenger Business Gear and Soren, TRG has achieved widespread success. The company also developed private label travel gear and accessories for major retailers throughout the country.

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