World Emblem International Mourns Passing of J&A Founder

Donovan Nelson Fry, left, with World Emblem International founder Jerold Carr.

It is with great sadness that World Emblem International announces the passing of one of the co-founders of its affiliate, J&A UK Limited, Donovan Nelson Fry on Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

In 1962, after many successful years of service as a salesperson, World Emblem International founder, Jerold Carr took over Joel & Aronoff USA. It was in the late 1970s, that Carr and Fry’s paths crossed. The two formed a lasting bond that would span the rest of their careers. It was through that bond that Joel & Aronoff UK Limited was formed in 1979.

Though the company itself started off with just a team of five people, backed by assistance from the production manager of the original J&A in New Jersey, it soon became an industry contender. With Fry’s many years of expertise working in industrial laundries, J&A quickly expanded its production from solely screen printed logo badges to embroidered emblems, transfers and many other apparel decorations. Aside from the expansion in production, J&A soon began to acquire clientele throughout Europe and in 1981, as a result of the increased growth, formed J&A Europe Limited. Eventually the 2 companies combined and were re-named into the modern day J&A International Limited.

Carr and Fry’s roles as leaders of the company ran a steady pace until Carr’s unfortunate passing in 2000 and Fry’s retirement in 2007. A family-owned company, J&A UK Limited will continue on exactly the same basis as before, with half the ownership resting under Donovan Fry’s son Charlie and the other half with Jerold Carr’s two sons, Jamie and Randy Carr.

Fry’s funeral arrangements took place yesterday, February 19, at 12:00 p.m. in Matthews Church in Skegness, England, the city where he was born. In lieu of flowers for the services, the Fry family has requested that donations be made to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in his name, as Fry was greatly involved with the charity throughout his life. As an innovative leader and great friend, Donovan Fry will be sorely missed. World Emblem International’s sincerest and most heart-felt intentions go out to the Fry family and the employees of J&A International Limited during this difficult time.

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