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Compliance Chat

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Million Dollar Mindset with Greg Muzzillo

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"You Don't Have to be Great"
Sep 8, 2014

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My Two Cents

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Editor's Notes

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The Sales Challenge

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Creating More Purposeful Sales Conversations

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Short Q&A with Proforma's Greg Muzzillo

On April 13, Proforma announced the launch of a large new marketing program for its owners, aptly titled the "Demand Generation Program." The original press release can be read here, but essentially the marketing initiative is designed to bring in new, untapped clients for Proforma distributors.

I thought a little extra information on the program might be interesting, and thankfully, Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, was kind enough to take some time out of his busy day to answer a few of my follow-up questions.

PM: Could you tell me a little more about how the program is going to work? How is the Demand Generation Program going to go about finding leads?

GM: Historically we have spent millions of dollars on award-winning "push marketing" tools to enable our members to reach their end-user customers and prospects. Our Demand Generation Program is a "pull marketing" strategy. We have invested significant resources in software, e-commerce and direct-mail marketing tools targeting millions of end-user prospects and creating awareness, messaging and communications to drive warm leads and increased sales to our owners.

By fostering awareness and nurturing a relationship with millions of end-user prospects, we are taking steps toward achieving our mission of becoming the brand and market leader in our industry.

PM: Is social networking going to have a role in this program? Why/why not, and how will you be using it?

GM: Outside of our traditional social media networking presence, this program will not tie directly into our social media efforts. It is more about attracting attention through e-mail campaigns. Of course, if recipients are interested, they will be able to easily follow and connect with us via social media if they choose.

What made you decide that now was the time to launch such a program?

GM: At Proforma, we are focused on becoming the preeminent brand in the industry. We have been extremely successful at allowing our owners to stay top of mind within their current accounts through award-winning push marketing campaigns. Our exponential growth has given us the monetary resources to invest millions in additional sales and marketing tools. These tools are geared at securing better appointments and bigger sales for our owners.

The launch of the Demand Generation Program is just one example of our proactive approach toward providing our distributor members with the comprehensive resources they need to grow and maintain successful businesses.

What kinds of expectations do you have for the program? How do you see it evolving over time, and what place do you think it will eventually have in Proforma's marketing efforts overall?

GM: Demand generation is the next wave in marketing and sales support, and I have high expectations for the program. By reaching millions of end-user prospects, we will be able to generate millions of dollars in sales for our owners on an annual basis. This program will play an instrumental role in increasing our brand recognition and paving the way for becoming the brand and market leader.

The program is the perfect complement to our current marketing campaigns, tools and resources as it adds a pull marketing element to our traditional push marketing efforts.


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