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The Top 5 Brands You Should Learn from on Vine
January 12, 2015

With a re-emergence of GIFs as a trending method of sharing video clips, it was not long before somebody tried to capitalize upon the popularity of the format and develop an application to assist in creating and distributing short-form video. Currently owned by Twitter, Vine was among the first to try and gain popularity surrounding the concept of developing and sharing brief, six-second videos. Vine, according to Twitter, presently has over 23 million members and is obtainable on both Android and iOS devices.

Here is a list of five brands which are making the most of the platform...

What's In the Golden Globes Swag Bag
January 9, 2015

Hollywood Swag Bag put together some high-end giveaway bags for Golden Globe nominees. Here are some of the coolest items included in the bag.

8 Trademark Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
January 9, 2015

While we often use the terms interchangeably, there are slight differences between entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Most entrepreneurs are small-business owners, but not all small-business owners are entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs (often in the tech world) innovate, create, and are excited about finding a revenue stream that's based largely on their passion.

Do you dream of not just working for yourself, but blazing trails? There are a few characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have in common. I'm not saying you have to have these traits to find success. However, in my travels these have jumped out at me as being particularly common.

Don't Talk About Culture. Do Culture. Be Culture
January 9, 2015

You won’t build or change an organization’s culture by talking about what it ought to be. Sure, from time to time, you’ll want—and need—to emphasize positive aspects of your culture (or the cultures of other organizations that you respect) as well as decry any negative elements and commit to doing better.

Developing a culture is hard, and actions speak louder than words. You can’t benchmark another organization’s culture and copy it into yours. You can make note of things you admire about other organizations and think about how you might move toward those ways of working.