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7 Things Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Leadership
November 11, 2014

The "most successful investor of the 20th century" has a thing or two to teach you about being a great leader. Warren Buffett is a famed philanthropist, business magnate and shark-like investor. As the CEO and biggest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway and someone who consistently ranks among the richest people in the world, he's smart, business savvy and slick, even into his 80s.

However, the "Oracle of Omaha" is also a notoriously frugal spender and reveres value investing. Having pledged to donate 99 percent of his wealth, he's proof that sometimes old-school techniques work.

Not Made in China: Garment Manufacturing Part II
November 10, 2014

As labor costs in the "world's factory" continue to rise dramatically, global fashion brands are looking elsewhere to source apparel. In addition to established hubs like Bangladesh and Vietnam, the garment game is ripe for new players: Myanmar (Burma), Haiti and Ethiopia, among others, are looking to rejuvenate a once-thriving trade or even build one entirely from scratch.

China will shed approximately 85 million manufacturing jobs in the coming years, which, some development experts say, could be a golden opportunity for economic development à la South Korea.

Amazon Tries Out Taxi Deliveries in California Cities
November 10, 2014

Amazon is testing deliveries via taxis in San Francisco and Los Angeles, according to the Wall Street Journal, as the Internet retailer explores alternative modes of delivery to speed up shipments while restraining cost.

Amazon is using the taxi-hailing mobile app, Flywheel, to ship parcels via licensed cabs, studying the feasibility of using taxi fleets more broadly as a delivery avenue.

The e-commerce company, stung by shipping delays last Christmas blamed on services such as UPS and FedEx, has been exploring various options from regional couriers to its own delivery vehicles.

5 Small Business Management Lessons Learned While Coaching Kids
November 7, 2014

Managing a small business can be a lot like coaching. Your employees follow your lead, and the way you praise or criticize employees can have a long-term effect on their productivity and morale.

Using simplicity, immediate praise and rewards, your small business can see boosts in employee attitude and productivity. Here are a few lessons for managing a small business through experience with coaching children.

Your Sales Revenue Chain is Broken—Here's How to Fix It
November 7, 2014

Revenue runs your business, so it’s critical that you keep your chain of sales revenue unbroken. Every time a link in your revenue chain breaks, your business must make up for it with more time, more effort and more resources—all to sustain the same level of income.

The reality is that for many businesses, their sales revenue chain is broken and in need of repair. Not only do broken links sap more exertion and energy from your bottom-line growth, but they also open up opportunities for your competitors to steal a sale from a non-converting lead or a non-renewing customer.