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Successful and Questionable Sports Promotions
An article by Bleacher Report, Awkward Sports Giveaways, pointed out a bunch of sports promotions that range from quirky to poorly planned or outright terrible.... more »
PM Video Battle: Jetline's Evil Genius Versus Geiger's Tradeshow Prowess
The tyranny of mad science faces off against the practical excellence of trade show promotions in this weeks' video battle.... more »
Widespread Safety Issues Identified at Bangladesh Clothing Factories
From Reuters
Inspectors hired by a group of Western clothing brands have found safety problems at all the Bangladesh factories they visited as part of an initiative launched after a building collapse last year killed more than 1,100 workers. The Accord for Fire... more »
Apparel Company Succeeding on Anti-sweatshop Model
In 2010, the corporate management of Knights Apparel Inc. and the activists behind the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) embarked on an experiment together. They wanted to see whether it was possible to run a viable apparel company while maintaining relatively... more »
HandStands Introduces BackStrap for Tablets and SipGrip Coaster
HandStands, introduced its BackStrap™ for tablets and the SipGrip™ Coaster. Both items were made  available for immediate ordering on Oct. 21, 2014.... more »
How Entrepreneurs Can Make Luck Work
From Businessweek
Every entrepreneur has heard that success requires the right combination of skill, experience, timing and luck. But that last, intangible piece of the formula has always been tricky. “He just had a run of bad luck,” explains away an excusable... more »
Product Of The Day: Vertical Leather Jotter
Bridle leather jotter with two b-card holders; pad insert; and pen loop. Suede lined.   Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means! Brainstorming costume ideas with our Vertical Leather Jotter from Clava American! Let's see ... how about "Guy who likes writing in jotters?" No, that's no good. How about "Guy who likes writing in jotters and is also a ghost?" No? Maybe you should check back next week, this might take a while.

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How Can a 3D Printer Make You Money?
Oct 24, 2014
Guest Contributor  
By Stephen Peters
One of the most difficult parts of getting the sale is showing the customer exactly what they want when they want it. More often than not, this is an immediate need.... more »

The Smart Way to Grow Your Business
Oct 23, 2014
Paul  Kiewiet  
By Paul Kiewiet
How do you step up and begin moving your business to better results? Well, first of all, you need to make some changes. Growth requires change. ... more »
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