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Spanish Retailer Criticized for 'White Is the New Black' T-shirt
Sometimes phrases have unwanted connotations. While it may be just a play on words referencing the common fashion phrase on what's in style or the popular Netflix series, "Orange Is the New Black," Spanish retailer Zara has experienced backlash on... more »
Phthalates Panel Recommends Additional CPSC Restrictions
From The National Law Review
Over the next several months, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will be reviewing the report and recommendations of an agency advisory panel regarding risks of phthalates in children’s products. If implemented by CPSC through rulemaking, the recommendations of... more »
Smart Business Cards Transform Into USB Drives
From Bloomberg Businessweek
Business cards belong to the same quaint, pre-digital era as film cameras and vinyl records. We may still have them, but how many of us use them to find contact information when we can consult Google or LinkedIn? USB drives... more »
HandStands Adds Two Employees to Its Marketing Team
HandStands, Draper, Utah, has hired Jason Dunnigan as marketing coordinator, and Sarah Christiansen as marketing art director.... more »
Logomark Unveils Its 2014 Holiday Calendar
PM081914_Logomark_CoolerChair   Logomark, Tustin, Calif., released its 144-page digital 2014 holiday calendar, which includes more than 350 products, including more than 150 new or exclusive items.... more »
BIC Graphic Launches New Bags and Padfolios
PM081914_BIC_Tote   Designed to protect technology during work and travel, new bags and padfolios from BIC Graphic, Clearwater, Fla., have a modern look, and are lightweight and TSA-friendly.... more »
5 Best Cinematic Sales Pitches
From Inc.
Hollywood, as a general rule, doesn't seem to care much for salespeople. In almost every movie and TV show, sales professionals are depicted either as con-men or nut-cases. Nevertheless, you can learn about real-world selling from Hollywood's skewed depiction of... more »
Product Of The Day: Magnetic Cup Holder
Keep your favorite beverage at hand while in the garage, workshop or outdoors. Powerful magnet attracts to any ferrous metal surface including toolbox, cabinet or even your stationary vehicle. Holds an insulated mug, hot or cold container, aluminum can or fountain cup. Also useful for keeping cans, spray paint, lubricants, small tools and more within easy reach. Great for tailgating, parties, hospitals, and warehouses. Measures 4.625" tall x 3.5" dia. Holds containers up to 3.25" dia. at base.   Drinks spill. It happens. That's why we like to store our drinks on the refrigerator, on a filing cabinet, on our car, etc. Thanks to the Magnetic Cup Holder from Ads On Magnets we can pretty much place our beverages on any magnetic surface. We should note that the product is intended for parked cars only. You should stick to the cup holders inside the car while driving.

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My Very Personal Connection to the ALS Challenge
Aug 19, 2014
Rosalie Marcus  
By Rosalie Marcus
You’ve probably seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all over social media and TV. Perhaps you’ve taken it. For me, it had special meaning and a very personal connection. My older brother Martin, a natural athlete, prolific writer, creative thinker, baseball aficionado—and the bravest person I’ve ever known, lost a courageous battle to ALS. So, while I generally shy away from fads, I happily took the challenge and donated money to ALS as well.... more »

When Will It Happen? (Ask “When” Three Times) Part 5 of “Get Curious About Your Business”
Aug 14, 2014
Paul  Kiewiet  
By Paul Kiewiet
Time. It’s here and it’s gone. There are lots of clichés about time and there ain’t no time like the present. So let’s get going. And let’s get growing. Ask yourself “When” at least three times.... more »
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