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UPS Announces Rate Increase
UPS has announced that effective Dec. 29, 2014, its ground, air and international rates will increase an average of 4.9 percent.... more »
Jerry Seinfeld Accepts Honorary Clio Award
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld gave a comical acceptance speech after receiving an honorary Clio Award for his role in American Express advertisements.... more »
Major Apparel Brands Join Forces for Responsible Down
From Triple Pundit
Textile Exchange, H&M and Eddie Bauer will join The North Face in adopting the Responsible Down Standard—a third-party certified animal welfare and traceability standard that upholds the ethical treatment of animals along the down and feather supply chain. The North Face... more »
Rymax Announces Exclusive Partnership With Szanto Timepieces
Rymax Marketing Services Inc. has announced a partnership with Szanto timepieces. This relationship provides them with the exclusive distribution rights to its watches.... more »
Getting It Right—Your Business' First Impressions
From Business 2 Community
It can take years to build up a reputation, yet it can take seconds to lose it. But, half of the struggle to gain any credibility at all starts from the very first meeting. First impressions are one of the most... more »
How to Capture Spare Time—And Other Growth Strategies
From Small Business Trends
Capturing small bits of otherwise spare moments in your day. Have you ever thought of that as a growth strategy? Turns out, it can be. In fact, it’s one of the things we small-business owners seem to be looking for. Here... more »
Product Of The Day: 7” L CORKY PIGGY BANK
   Piggy banks are great for storing up a chunk of change, but getting the money out can be a pain. It's silly to have to smash a perfectly good item, and mercilessly shaking the poor thing to get pennies out of a tiny slot is a hassle. This Piggy Bank from Berney-Karp has a cork to easily access your rainy day fund.

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Draw Your Attention to Drawstrings
Oct 17, 2014
Jeff Jacobs  
By Jeff Jacobs
I guess it has something to do with the time of year. The weather in much of the U.S. begins to turn cooler, and parents’ thoughts naturally turn to whether or not the kids’ sweatshirts and jackets from last year still fit.... more »

I Could Have Slept In But Why Should You Care?
Oct 16, 2014
Jeff Solomon, MAS  
By Jeff Solomon, MAS
Something strange has happened to me. On a recent three-day holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to sleep in. But I didn’t. I attended a concert at the Hollywood Bowl Saturday and started early Sunday packing meals at our church for families in Haiti. I was looking forward to sleeping in on the holiday Monday when my wife told me our runners group was going out at 7 a.m. What would seem like an automatic "no" has become a much easier "yes" for me.... more »
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