2015 Power Meeting
FedEx Moves to Dismiss Drug Trafficking Charges
FedEx, after being indicted last year in connection with a Justice Department investigation on illegal drug shipment, has claimed that it should not be prosecuted on the grounds that its actions are protected under federal law.... more »
PM Video Battle: The Magnet Group Versus Promo Marketing
It's The Magnet Group versus Promo Marketing in this week's Video Battle!... more »
Penn State Ends Marketing Deal With JanSport Over Bangladesh Accord
Penn State University has cut ties with its official apparel manufacturer JanSport, after the company did not sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.... more »
Norwood By BIC Graphic Expands Travel Accessories Collection
The Travel Organizer Set from Norwood by BIC Graphic   Norwood by BIC Graphic, Clearwater, Fla., announced that its travel collection has expanded to more than 30 items.... more »
How to Prepare for a Trade Show Without Breaking the Bank
From Entrepreneur
So you know you need to attend a trade show. You know it is essential to grow your business and bring in more sales. You also know that trade shows can become very costly and be a financial burden. But... more »
What Biz Owners Say Is the Bad Business Habit They’d Like to Break
From Small Business Trends
Of all the bad business habits out there, which one would you most like to break? Micromanaging? Overspending? Procrastination? Would it surprise you to learn that “wearing too many hats” is the bad business habit that 35 percent of business... more »
Product Of The Day: Lifes A Beach Compartment Coaster Caddy
Our fun compartment drinkware features a false bottom containing minature items to fit the theme of your choice. The "Life's a Beach" Compartment Coaster Caddy has a blue base, sand palm tree, sunglasses and two sea shells.   Few things are as relaxing as a cold drink on the beach. Literally every drink you put on this Coaster Caddy from HOWW Manufacturing will be a drink on the beach. Legend has it that if you put your drink on this beach coaster while on an actual beach, you are automatically crowned King/Queen of the Beach without having to go through the traditional surf competition/fire limbo.

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Which Version of QuickBooks Is Best for Ad Specialty Distributors?
Mar 27, 2015
Guest Contributor  
By Harriet Gatter
There are five versions of QuickBooks, each designed for specific applications, and the ad specialty business was not one of their selected specifics.... more »

Mar 26, 2015
Paul  Kiewiet  
By Paul Kiewiet
What are you doing to hone your skills? Hone. What a funny word! Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”... more »
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