iPROMOTEu The Smart Choice
PM1014_BRfeat_GAPpromo   When selling to bars, if you don't pitch the right products or approach bar buyers the right way, your efforts could end in disaster. Here's how to break in.
... more »
N.J. Junk Mail Ban Would Cost 'Tens of Thousands' of Jobs, Direct Mailers Claim
From NJ.com
Printers and direct mailers in New Jersey and across the Tri-State region have united in opposition to a bill which would create a "do not mail" list in the Garden State. The bill, sponsored by state assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak would... more »
Visstun, Digispec and Counterpoint Announce New Hires
Visstun, Digispec and Counterpoint recently announced four new hires to its sales and marketing departments.
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Archway Launches Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise Division
Archway, a marketing services provider, announced that it will expand its marketing operations with the launch of Archway Promotional Products.... more »
European Union Confirms Plastic Bag Reduction Deal
From European Plastics News
Representatives of European Union (EU) member states hammered out a deal last Friday to reduce consumption of lightweight plastic bags to 40 bags a year by 2025.
National governments will have to either reduce average lightweight plastic bags consumption to... more »
Why You Should Treat Every Day Like Thanksgiving
From Entrepreneur
When I was a kid, my dad started a family tradition at Thanksgiving dinner that I have carried on with my family. After we say grace, we go around the table and share what we are thankful for over the... more »
White Alligator Embossed Pop-up Boxes fold flat for easy storage; assemble in seconds. Made with heavy white gloss board; clay-coated newsback interior. MADE IN THE USA   It's time for my all-time favorite game: "'80s hair metal band or apparel box from PWS?" Today, we have the WHITE ALLIGATOR. I'm going to say ... hair metal band! It has to be. Literally every band from the '80s is white something-or-other.

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Beards and The 2015 Buyer's Guide
Nov 26, 2014
Brittany Hahn  
By Brittany Hahn
You're probably wondering what beards have to do with the Buyer's Guide. The answer is in the video below. It also teaches you what to do and what not to do with the 2015 Buyer's Guide, which is actually the main point of the video. Yes, it does get weird.... more »

Athletics and Business Intertwine to Show Life Lessons: Thoughts from an Athlete Parent
Nov 24, 2014
Cliff Quicksell, MAS  
By Cliff Quicksell, MAS
As I was growing up—and even to this day, I am very involved in athletics. As a high-schooler and through university, I participated in varsity track, basketball and baseball, and studied martial arts, achieving my black belt in tae kwon do and hapkido. I learned many valuable lessons that have been tenets for me to this day; lessons that I use and have passed on to both my children, Caitlin and Alex.... more »
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