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USPS to Add to Direct Mail and Package Delivery Capabilities, Says New Postmaster
The U.S. Postal Service needs to compete to survive and that means acting more like a private business, said Megan J. Brennan. To that end, the USPS needs to concentrate on direct mail and package delivery, said the first female... more »
Cenveo to Close Minneapolis Commercial Printing Facility, Eliminates 112 Jobs
Cenveo Corp. will permanently close its Minneapolis-based commercial printing facility located at 121 12th Ave. S. by the end of March.... more »
Raining Rose Inc. Becomes a Blue Zones Worksite
Blue Zones Project Cedar Rapids recently announced that Raining Rose Inc. has been named a Blue Zones Worksite. 
... more »
Penn Emblem Company Gives Trade Show Tips
Penn Emblem Company, Philadelphia, has posted on its company blog its "Tips for Preparing for a Trade Show" list. The list provides readers with a generic, downloadable checklist to help stay organized during the trade show season. The checklist can... more »
Use One Lunch Hour to Network Instead of Your Usual Routine
From Lifehacker
Many of us take lunch breaks with friends, or whoever we get along with best in the office. If you're still working your way up in your career, dedicate that time to initiating and developing new professional relationships instead.
... more »
3 Branding Don'ts From Warby Parker's Co-founder
From Inc.
Eyeglasses used to be something no one wanted to have to wear. Today, Warby Parker is one of the companies behind the glasses' stylish evolution. In the process, they've become one of the hippest brands in the world. Warby Parker... more »
Product Of The Day: Clear Plastic Cup with Cookies
Clear plastic cup with lid and chocolate chip cookies. Perfect travel cup for your clients to take your logo, their favorite drink and cookies on the road. Promote on the go with this creative plastic cup with cookies and four color process.   I believe it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, in his Four Freedoms address in 1941, that "the day we forfeit our ability to consume cookies as if they were water, to quench our thirst with delicious chocolate chips, is the day we truly lose the fight against evil." I mean, he didn't explicitly say that, but he probably thought it at some point. Dude loved cookies, you know? Which is why he probably would have loved the COOKIECUP from Admints & Zagabor.

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Athletics and Business Intertwine to Show Life Lessons: Thoughts from an Athlete Parent
Nov 24, 2014
Cliff Quicksell, MAS  
By Cliff Quicksell, MAS
As I was growing up—and even to this day, I am very involved in athletics. As a high-schooler and through university, I participated in varsity track, basketball and baseball, and studied martial arts, achieving my black belt in tae kwon do and hapkido. I learned many valuable lessons that have been tenets for me to this day; lessons that I use and have passed on to both my children, Caitlin and Alex.... more »

Viral Marketing: The #IceBucketChallenge and How It's Still Relevant
Nov 19, 2014
Brittany Hahn  
By Brittany Hahn
Many of us have dumped a bucket of ice on ourselves this past summer to raise awareness for ALS. No joke, I did it three times. I eventually became sick...... more »
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