2015 Power Meeting
Alibaba Stock Declines Following Third Quarter Results
Alibaba shares dropped by about 9.5 percent to $89 per share after the company’s third-quarter financial results were less than analysts had predicted.... more »
When It Rains, Promotions Pour In
PM0115_Ufeat_Rainkist   Chances are you've been unlucky enough to be stuck in the rain without an umbrella. Having a good umbrella can make a big difference. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.... more »
PM Video Battle: Triton Sales and Marketing Versus Charles River Apparel
It's Triton Sales and Marketing versus Charles River Apparel in this week's Promo Marketing Video Battle!... more »
InnerWorkings to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Financial Results
InnerWorkings Inc., a global marketing supply chain company, will announce its fourth quarter and full year 2014 results after financial markets close on Feb. 12.... more »
6 Self-inflicted Obstacles That Successful People Eliminate
From Inc.
The success of others often appears to be an easy path. In truth nearly every successful person faces major challenges along the way. Some obstacles are external and unexpected. Others are self-inflicted and mostly preventable.... more »
4 Ways To Be More Innovative At Work
From Mashable
Innovation. It’s easy to talk about it—it’s probably one of your department’s key goals or built into your company’s mission statement—but it’s not so easy to do. It’s even harder to make it a habit in your day-to-day workflow. As... more »
Product Of The Day: Beverage Wraps - Kraft, 8/9 oz Wrap
Great for both hot and cold refreshments! These Beverage Wraps are textured for insulation and fit our 8 oz White Paper Cups or 9 oz Colored Paper Cups. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable and made from renewable resources. This product is digitally printed with 4-Color Process. 2nd side and full bleed imprint available, for an upcharge.  Made and printed in the USA. Please note: Wraps are designed to fit our cups and may not fit the cups of other brands.   It's a well-known fact that coffee has two temperatures—ice and lava. For when your coffee is hotter than the surface of the sun, this Beverage Wrap from American Accents saves users' hands from burns, blisters and probable melting. It does not protect your tongue from the piping hot wrath of coffee, however, so let it cool before taking a sip.

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Have You Started Yet?
Jan 29, 2015
Paul  Kiewiet  
By Paul Kiewiet
There’s only one sales day left in this month and just 43 left in the first quarter of 2015. Your success this year is going to be determined by you and by what you do now. Right now.... more »

Funny Videos Sell
Jan 28, 2015
Brittany Hahn  
By Brittany Hahn
Adding humor to your video ads can be a profitable move. Bottom line: People buy from companies they like. Don't get me wrong, what your company sells is extremely important, but if you lack personality, people could fail to remember you. ... more »
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