Shopping Spree: Selling Storefront Retail Items
Whether you’re searching for a specific item or just window-shopping, chances are promotional items in a retail setting have pulled you in.... more »
Jetline Adds Next Level Apparel to Single-invoice Apparel Program
Jetline, Gaffney, S.C., announced the addition of Next Level Apparel, Gardena, Calif., to its single-invoice apparel program. The new offering, which is already live and in stock, initially features the most popular Next Level style (NL3600) with additional styles to... more »
Victorinox Wins Two Red Dot Design Awards
The SwissCard Nailcare from Victorinox   Victorinox, Monroe, Conn., submitted for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 and was selected as a winner. The winning items were the RangerWood 55 pocket knife and the credit card-sized Swiss - Card Nailcare.... more »
Vantage Announces Additions to its Sales Team
Alicia Dierking, regional sales representative for Texas and Oklahoma   Vantage Apparel, Avenel, N.J., a manufacturer and decorator of logo apparel, has hired Alicia Dierking as the regional sales representative for Texas and Oklahoma; and has hired Bryan Vaughn, MAS, as the regional sales representative for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and... more »
10 Loyalty Lessons from Brands with Superfans
From Inc.
Customer loyalty is the root of success for any lasting business. And when that loyalty turns into passionate advocacy, a "superfan" is born. For brands, these dedicated followers can help transform a satisfactory business into a sensational one. The obvious... more »
13 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Detroit
From Entrepreneur
Hitsville, The Motor City, Motown, America's Automotive Capital, The 313, Rock City: These classic names have long been used to describe Detroit. But, it’s the newer names that stand out for me: Comeback City, City of Reinvention, Renaissance City. I’m... more »
Product Of The Day: Slot Machine Stress Reliever
   Squeezing this Slot Machine Stress Reliever from Target Line is great for cooling off when you're stressed out. Ironically, we're stressed out from a bad night at the casino, so being able to crush the slot machine in our hands is pretty therapeutic.

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Quit Trying to Be Everything to Everyone
Jul 2, 2015
Paul  Kiewiet  
By Paul Kiewiet
Ever think about how much more you could accomplish if you would focus on less? Get out of the idea that you can do it all and get really good at just a few things. Be very mindful of what you want your business to look like.... more »

30 Days With a Macbook Air
Jun 30, 2015
Dale Denham  
By Dale Denham
Until 30 days ago, I had never used a Macintosh for more than a few minutes to do a specific task. So when I had a chance, I gave up my Lenovo Yoga for the Macbook Air for 30 days.... more »
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