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Converse Sues to Protect Its Chuck Taylor All Stars
From The New York Times
First came the athletes, then the greasers. Then came the nonconformists, the teenagers and finally the baby boomers. The shoe manufacturer Converse has sold its brand of cool and whiff of rebellion to generations of Americans. Now Converse, the century-old... more »
Adidas Gets an Offer for Its Flagging Reebok Brand
From Wall Street Journal
Adidas had grand plans when it acquired Reebok eight years ago. The German footwear and clothing company had designs on Nike Inc., and on becoming the top dog of the athletic-wear world. It hasn't exactly worked out that way. Reebok's... more »
S&S Activewear Introduces ApparelSync
S&S Activewear, Bolingbrook, Ill., announced that it has strengthened its electronic data interchange (EDI) with a proprietary system called ApparelSync. EDI, the computer-to-computer exchange of documents, has become a standard for business-to-business collaboration across the apparel industry. With ApparelSync EDI, integrated... more »
Vantage Apparel Announces Additions to Sales Team
Vantage Apparel, Avenel, N.J., a manufacturer and decorator of logo apparel, has hired Jennifer Strauss as sales representative for Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Puerto Rico, and has added Mike Newman as sales representative for New England, including parts of... more »
Lulule-men: The Activewear Giant Reveals Its Plan to Woo Dudes
From Racked
Eric Lewis is an avid runner. The 23-year-old Ontarian is also an avid Lululemon shopper. In fact, it's the only sports apparel brand he wears, and he owns some 45 pairs of their Pace Breaker shorts. "They fit perfectly, wash... more »
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