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Adidas Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Forever 21
From Portland Business Journal
Adidas recently filed a trademark against clothing company Forever 21 and private label manufacturer Central Mills Inc. that alleges the companies violated Adidas' three-stripes trademark.
The lawsuit claims the companies are selling apparel that bears too much similarity... more »
Under Armour Is Suing Pretty Much Every Company Using the Name ‘Armor’
From The Washington Post
In 2013, a Bible-quoting high school football champion named Terrance Jackson, upset that most of the clothing options for his 3-year-old son were covered in skulls and crossbones, decided to start his own “inspirational apparel” company with a scripture-inspired name,... more »
Gildan Activewear Announces Second Quarter Results
Gildan Activewear, Montreal, Quebec, recently announced its results for the three months ended July 5, 2015, and updated its sales and earnings guidance for 2015.... more »
Bangladesh Is Building 'Garment Villages' to Double Its Clothing Exports
From Quartz
The rapid growth of Bangladesh’s garment industry has been a blessing and a burden to the country. Even as it has provided jobs to millions and helped Bangladesh cut its poverty rate, it has also exploited the nation’s poorest and... more »
Lilly Pulitzer Sues Old Navy for Copyright Infringement
From Fortune
Lilly Pulitzer, known for its bright and unique fabric patterns, is suing Old Navy for copyright infringement, saying the Gap-owned unit blatantly stole two of the designer’s fabric prints.
While apparel designs are not covered by any intellectual... more »
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