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Ralph Lauren Testing Fitness Tracking Shirt at U.S. Open
From Mashable
Wearable tech and fashion are about to collide on one of the world's most-watched tennis courts. At this year's U.S. Open, the tennis-watching world will get its first glimpse of the Polo Tech smart shirt, new wearable technology brought to... more »
One Problem With Plus-Size Fashion: Customers Aren’t Buying It
From Time
The fashion industry may deserve plenty of blame, but if consumers want options, they must vote with their wallets. If plus-size fashion is a $17.5 billion industry, why are plus-size consumers still marginalized? The fashion industry takes a lot of... more »
Ash City Hosts Fashion Show to Showcase Fall 2014 Collection
To showcase the latest styles from their recent Fall 2014 collection, Ash City hosted a fashion show at the historic House of Moments building in Toronto.... more »
Carhartt Debuts in Leed’s Holiday Product Launch
Leed's introduced its line of Carhartt products in time for the holiday season.... more »
Driven By Climate Change, Cotton Buyers Look For Alternatives
From NPR
VF Corp. is one of the biggest clothing companies you might not have heard of. But its brands include Lee and Wrangler jeans, Timberland shoes and The North Face, and it also makes uniforms for police and major league sports... more »
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