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Fire Causes $1 Million in Damage to Kansas City Area T-shirt Shop
From KCTV 5 Kansas City
A fire damaged a T-shirt shop, leaving $1 million in damage behind. Fire investigators believe a short in an extension cord in the building's shop area ignited nearby combustibles and caused the fire.
The fire started around 10:15... more »
Adidas, Nike Bid on University of Michigan Apparel Deal
From KGW Portland
Adidas and Nike last week bid on the University of Michigan's apparel contract, one of the most coveted in collegiate sports. An Adidas spokesman confirmed its bid, which included a giant banner welcoming Michigan representatives to the company's North American... more »
Bodek and Rhodes Introduces the Second Edition of BRANDS: The Fashion Issue
The cover of the BRANDS magalog from Bodek and Rhodes   Bodek and Rhodes announced the release of the second issue of BRANDS, its quarterly magalog that showcases curated collections of the leading apparel products.... more »
Gildan Activewear Appoints Rhodri J. Harries as Executive Vice President, CFO and Chief Administrative Officer
Gildan Activewear Inc. announced the appointment of Rhodri J. Harries as executive vice president, chief financial officer and chief administrative officer.... more »
New Clothing Line Aims to Fix Bad Desk Posture
From Refinery 29
We've all been there: You're sitting at your desk, just plugging away on boatloads of work, when you suddenly realize you've been hunched over your computer for hours. Unfortunately, poor desk posture is a common symptom endemic to the modern-day... more »
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