Did the Election Mean Business Loss or Gain for You?

Now that the election is (thankfully) over, the question could be asked, how much business did you lose (or gain) during this political season based on your viewpoint?

Regardless of your political leanings, this election cycle has brought out some passionate feelings all over the country. Even my nice little bedroom community north of Los Angeles had never seen such political nastiness before. Facebook groups were created and people pounded on those who don’t think their way; blogs with no real accountability sprouted up as “news” outlets, and a small group of angry people demonstrated their anger online and at a rally on a popular street corner. The whole thing got quite ugly.

Social media has provided a platform for political discussions never had before. Sadly, not all the dialogues are for the better. I know you’ve seen this and can relate to how online comments can change your perception about individuals and businesses.

Here is a personal, real world example that really made me think about this topic. I received a Groupon-type offer that happened to be from an acquaintance who owns a hair salon. The timing was perfect for me as I was ready for a change from my current look. Starting the New Year fresh and having a different cut at the January PPAI Expo was appealing to me, so I was ready to give her a try.

Just as I was ready to buy the coupon and make an appointment, it dawned on me that I had seen some of her social media postings. She was for propositions that I am vehemently against. Of course political leanings have nothing to do with ability to do a job. She may be great at cutting hair, but did I want to do business with someone who had political beliefs totally opposite mine? After careful consideration, I chose not to buy the coupon. Maybe it’s my loss, but it’s my choice and I really do actually like my current stylist. Why switch and do business with someone who thinks so different from me? What kind of discussion would we have in the chair? It could get unpleasant.

Jeff Solomon, MAS is the creator of FreePromoTips.com, the industry's most popular business resource program. Jeff’s Rant will touch on topics with his straightforward approach to life and business.
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