SAAGNY and PPAI Are Making a Difference for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We are in an awesome industry where everyone cares about one another. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we can see this in how our industry works together to make a difference in the lives of others.

Natural disasters negatively affect personal lives and disrupt business operations. Before Hurricane Sandy, there was Hurricane Katrina, Midwest tornados and, in my neighborhood, the devastating Northridge earthquake that caused incredible damage.

Mike Michalowicz wrote an excellent article entitled “How I Ran My Business from a Hurricane Shelter”. He refers to this storm as Hurricane Sandra, choosing to call her by her full name, noting that he is a parent and he’s mad at her. For him and thousands of other businesses, services may have come to a halt, but business has not.

When these disasters happen, various humanitarian organizations step up to help. The promotional products industry, through associations like the Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York (SAAGNY) and Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) are making a very real difference helping those affected by this tragedy.

The Regional Association Council (RAC), created 15 for the Fund, a business recovery Fund, long before this recent disaster. Here’s a video that talks a bit about this program.

One PPAI distributor member who lost their office in Hurricane Sandy contacted PPAI and was connected with a supplier company. The supplier opened their doors and provided office space so the distributor could function in the aftermath of the storm.

In the New York area, members of SAAGNY have been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. They have responded quickly, mobilizing to make a difference in their communities. In times like this, it isn’t about selling stuff, supplier/distributor issues or dealing with the things that typically frustrate us. It’s about the reality of life and responding to the challenges life throws at us.

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