What Impact Do You Have?

Recently, someone impacted my life. It was a virtual stranger I have never met. This wasn’t a family member, a friend, business colleague, or spiritual advisor. It was probably someone who was the least likely person to change my perspective on things. It was a sales guy. But the impact this person has made on me has made me think about my influence on others.

When we launched our FreePromoTips SuccessTracks Online Education Experiences program we went through a couple of horrible services at first. We lost a few months in the process and had to postpone some great sessions. Phil Martin from Warwick has excellent content to share. An award-winning Toastmaster, Maurice DiMino, The Sicilian Mentor was going to talk about effectively communicating your message. Jeff Tobe, CSP, one of the most compelling presenters I’ve experienced was scheduled to talk about Coloring Outside the Lines. It’s important that these come off right, so we chose to delay them. These innovative sessions are coming!

A focus for me is helping others as I was helped in this industry. Conveying relevant, useful, business-building content is not only part of my business, its part of my personality. Because of this, and the fact that SuccessTracks was a new element to FreePromoTips, I really needed to feel comfortable with our next technology choice. And after some shaky experiences, I was cautious and suspicious in moving ahead.

After further research we reached out to Go To Webinar from Citrix. The sales rep that contacted me, Steven, was personable and diligent in his follow up, never pressuring me to buy. His desire to meet my needs was clearly evident in our conversations, putting me at ease at every interaction. Steven actually cared about me and the importance of what I was doing. He extended the time I had for a free trial so we could complete our first session, The Trade Show Money Machine, presented by Ron Baron. In this 30-minute session Ron talks about the one “Trade Show Secret” that suppliers and Distributors should know. It’s good stuff.

Jeff Solomon, MAS is the creator of FreePromoTips.com, the industry's most popular business resource program. Jeff’s Rant will touch on topics with his straightforward approach to life and business.
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