Zombies Need Promotional Goods Too

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone on the East Coast got through Hurricane Sandy in one piece. Now that we are back in the office, we need to get down to important business: Halloween. Last week we received some ghoulishly great promotional items from Harcos Labs. So in honor of imprints and All Hallow’s Eve, here is a review of some of the spookiest promotional items in the industry.
Personal Care: Every good costume-wearer knows to scrub up before heading out to trick-or-treat. That is where the Bath from the Dead bar of soap comes in. The herb-filled soap (rosemary and lemongrass are the most fragrant) will give users a “refreshing flesh scent” before eating brains or whatever they do for fun.
Trick-or-treating can bring as many germs as candy, so Halloween-loving end-users may want to bring the Anti-Zombie Spray. The anti-bacterial spray works and smells like other anti-bacterial sprays, but has the added benefit of being zombie-proof (very important on Halloween or if you plan on reenacting Thriller anytime soon).
Walking around for a few hours gathering candy (or supervising your children while they gather candy) is tiring so end-users can relax in a bath with Zombie Bath Salts. The packaging encourages users to add the salts to a bath and “watch what happens.” Scenes from The Walking Dead might follow, but in a fun-filled, haunted house way.
Candy: The purpose of Halloween for most children (ahem, and adults) is candy. Free candy. Lots of it. Now end-users can couple their need for sugar with their love of Halloween spooks. The Brain Bits taste like Nerds (fittingly, I suppose). I’m not sure if they made me smarter, but I sure did finish this blog quickly during the sugar rush that followed consuming them.
There are energy chews for runners, so why not have them for zombie hunters? Harcos Labs introduces the Dead on Zombie Target red licorice-flavored candies to “help your aim and shoot down zombies,” because no one wants zombies messing up a perfectly good night of trick-or-treating.
Finally, the Foaming Zombie Candy does in fact make you foam at the mouth, especially if you consume all of it at once. I don’t think I am a zombie (yet), but the foam is scary fun. Note: DO NOT use foaming zombie candy at work and then go talk to a coworker. They may think you are ill (mentally or otherwise). DO use foaming zombie candy if you want to startle trick-or-treaters.
Food: OK, so maybe your clients are not candy people or they want to spread their love of Halloween to main meals as well as candy desserts. For those end-buyers, try some devilishly delicious salty treats like Crusty Zombie Toenails, Zombie Pea Brains, Dried Zombie Skin and Zombie Jerky. Don’t be fooled by the gruesome names, the toenails taste like sesame seeds, the brains like wasabi peas, the skin like dried seaweed and the jerky like…jerky with teriyaki seasoning (apparently zombies are zesty).
These personal care items and edibles can be used year-round, not just around Halloween. Maybe your client wants to throw a zombie-themed holiday party, is looking to add something unexpected to a current program or knows their end-users will get a kick out of the unconventional products. To summarize my review: Spooky soap and zombie candy from Harcos Labs is scary good!