Alex Morin

Alex Morin

Alex Morin is energy. He’s the owner of Promonoise (an educational company), Almost Enlightened (a podcast and coaching business), Working Writers Co. (a writing/coaching business) and other ventures in the wellness/self-help realm. His mission is to learn, grow and share, all in the spirit of love and awareness. Alex moves his energy/self through music, sports, cooking, writing and traveling. He’s married, has three children and cherishes the journey of life.

Reentry: Why Nothing—Sales, Health, Relationships—Is Ever Truly Lost

That awesome customer you lost isn’t lost forever. The brilliant employee or inspiring manager hasn’t forgotten you. And your terrific health is within grasp. What prevents us from reclaiming what we’ve apparently lost is the lack of a proper reentry plan. Think about it: Perhaps you worked hard to build $1 million in sales and were able to maintain...

Data, Customer Experience and Calculated Risk in the Promo Business

When I used to be heavily invested in music, teachers would often say, “The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.” This is true with my career, in my relationships and with my health. This is equally valid with regard to digital information. For example, the more online digital information I knowingly or…