Brittany Hahn

Brittany Hahn

Brittany Hahn is video producer for the Promo Marketing group. Along with creating awesome content, she enjoys cycling and spoiling her pet turtle.

3 Promotional Products We Need This Week: Episode 2

What do toilet mugs, six packs and flowers all have in common? They’re all promotional products that we (probably) need this week. Here’s why: For any questions about Promo Marketing’s video services, contact Brittany at Don't be shy!

Animal Approved: Episode 2

What's better than seeing people use your promotional products? Seeing pets use them (because, hello, it's way cuter!). Episode 2 of Animal Approved is filled with promos, pets, crazy cat ladies and more.

Can I Eat That?

We ask ourselves this question every day. For example: Oh look, someone brought in donuts! Can I eat that? Hmm, this has been in the fridge for three weeks. Can I eat that? Mmmmm this lip balm smells like pineapples. Can I eat that? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never gnawed on lip balm before, but…

Show and Tell: Kid Me Versus Adult Me

In the second grade, I brought an owl pellet to school for show and tell. I vaguely remember a combination of laughter and complete disgust amongst my fellow classmates after explaining why I decided to jam a mass of regurgitated bird parts into my backpack to show everyone at school. (The reason is because I loved owls—some would say a…

My 2016 Promo Picks for Spring

No matter what my relationship status is Valentine's Day warmly reminds me that winter is ending and spring is (kind of) around the corner. Naturally, I've been thinking about all of the spring promotional products I'd like to have this year. Based on 2016 trends and personal needs, here are four products that I'll be…

Video: 10 Awesome Products from PPAI Expo 2016

It’s been two weeks since the 2016 PPAI Expo, and we’re still thinking about our favorite products and moments from Las Vegas. From finding a new pet dog to getting a relaxing massage and even meeting Donald Trump, the Promo Marketing team saw and did a lot of awesome things at this year’s convention. Didn’t…