Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a respected industry expert and highly sought after speaker known for his energetic and entertaining presentations. Bill engages his audiences with wit and wisdom earned as a 40-year print sales veteran while teaching new ideas for solving classic sales challenges. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Bill’s two books, The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever and Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? as well as information on his new subscription-based website, The Sales Vault, are available at

Sales Advice: Go Bother Someone

People avoid making sales calls for a lot of reasons. Some don’t know what to say. Others procrastinate. There are good reasons and bad reasons to avoid making a sales call. One bad reason, though, is when you feel as though you are bothering someone and therefore don’t make any calls...

Where to Look for Leads

A quiet week is the perfect time to seek new customers. Bill shares the best places to look for leads and how to start that process.

When a Client Ghosts You

Has your client ghosted you? This week, Bill talks about this sales challenge and offers tips for continuous sales growth.

What’s Your Sales Position?

If you look back a few years, I think you’ll agree you were a different sales rep back then. You had a different message in your calling on a different market. The same can be said if you look ahead a few years. As such, you have to continually challenge your sales fundamentals of success: What’s your target market? Why do people buy from you?...

The Worst Sales Day of the Week

When it comes to making sales calls to new customers, is one day better than the other? That is, are there “good days” because you are more likely to get someone on the phone and “bad days” because no one wants to hear from you? When I put that question to live audiences as I did this past week in Atlanta, this is the typical path of the conversation...

Selling Alone Together

"Everyone else is successful except you." That’s what your sales brain tells you. Bill tells you how to get rid of the negativity.

Asking Stupid Questions (to Make Solutions-Based Sales)

How comfortable are you asking stupid questions? Are you willing to have someone look at you with eyes that say, “Seriously?” If not, you will never make solutions-based sales. You’ll never conquer Idiot Mountain. I received a referral years ago for a contact way up the food chain at AT&T. This was back in the days when...

Joan Jett Didn’t But You Should

Joan Jett told you fifteen times that she doesn’t. In this week’s Sales Tip, Bill tells you why you should and why it matters.

Difficulty Making Sales Connections? It's Not You

Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone in sales is having difficulty making connections. It’s not you. I meet and speak with salespeople and selling owners all week long in either a one-on-one coaching call, a live workshop (via Zoom), or a live sales challenge discussion (again, via Zoom). Week after week, call after call, this issue comes up time and time again...

Your Recipe for Gaining New Business

Thirty years of standing in a room of sales reps, asking “What are your sales challenges?” and 30 years of coaching sales reps has taught me this: There are four top culprits behind a poor showing in the area of increasing new business sales. Consider these four points and put yourself to the test...