Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson
Bill Farquharson is President of Aspire For, sales trainer for the graphic arts industry, author of “The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever” series and co-author of “Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet…and How?” Both are available on Email him at or call (781) 934-7036.
In addition to Bill’s Printing Impressions monthly columns and weekly blogs, he publishes a weekly Short Attention Span Sales Tips providing instantly-applicable ideas for sales growth and its challenges. For further information, visit
Sell Away Your Problems

There you were cruising along and the next thing you know your book of business is a pamphlet, thanks to COVID-19. Here’s what to do.

Trade Shows: Will People Attend?

We are in uncharted waters. We find ourselves longing for the days of boring sales meetings, live training events, and conferences.

The Non Cold Call Cold Call

Bill points out in this week’s blog that vprospecting takes on many forms. One is the most basic form of effective cold calling.

5 Tips for Effective Sales Meetings

"Sales meeting.” No two words in the English language cause a reps’ eyes to roll more than these. Sales meetings are important, though. They can keep a team a team. They can be informative and informational. Since all sales challenges are shared, there’s a good chance someone in the room has an idea or a solution that is exactly on point. While sales meetings are necessary, boring sales meetings are not...

How to Start Prospecting for New Accounts: Tips, Tricks and a Checklist

Prospecting is a must. It’s a have-to. It’s as important as exercise, brushing your teeth, eating, stretching and anything else that needs to be done on a daily basis. For as sure as the Patriots winning the AFC East for the 150th consecutive year, you will lose 10 percent to 15 percent of your business…

RFP? Sales Rep: No Thank You

An RFP arrived in the mail (or, RFQ if you prefer, “Request for Quote” over “Request for Proposal”). The salesperson looked it over.

Think and Succeed

What would happen if you woke up in the morning and your first thought was, "I am never going to sell anything today. Why would anyone buy anything from me? I'll be lucky to even survive."

20-20 Hindsight Sales

The account was history. That much he was sure of. It took two years to build credibility and a year to win the business. That was followed by two more years that he milked the cash cow he had created.

Sales Lessons from Mom

As I look ahead to Mother's Day and think back on what she has taught me, it occurs to me that she contributed a great deal to my sales career and that many of her parental lessons translate well to the sales world.

The Most Interesting (Sales) Man in the World

As a sales person, he is clairvoyant and omnipotent. He has built an impeccable reputation in the promotional products industry as a master of his craft. With each passing sales year, his legend grows. He is, The Most Interesting (Sales) Man in the World.