D E Fenton

D E Fenton
When a Picture Says a Thousand Words: Bangladesh

It takes a single negative image to undo even the most successful campaigns in the eyes of your customers—and many of them will never forget what they’ve seen in the news. Headlines from Bangladesh and Pakistan underscore the need for social accountability audits.

Reputation Matters, Especially During a Recall

Reputation. Whether you realize it or not, your reputation is built with every product manufactured, sales presentation given, telephone call answered, advertisement placed and article posted on social media. Everything you do―and, conversely, everything you don’t do―shapes your reputation and ultimately your brand equity. And there’s rarely a more important time to have a stellar brand reputation than in the event of a product recall.

Product Recall: A Nightmare On Your Street

Jason Vorhees. Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Three classic horror movie villains that can send shivers down the spine with the mere mention of their names. But nothing strikes fear in the heart of product managers everywhere more than one thing: Recall.