Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D.

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D.

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE, is the Founder and Principal of Alexander Joseph Associates, a privately held consultancy specializing in executive business advisory services with clients throughout the graphic communications industry.

Joe spent 30 years with NAPL, including 11 years as President and CEO. He is an adjunct professor at NYU teaching graduate courses in Executive Leadership; Financial Management and Analysis; Finance for Marketing Decisions; and Leadership: The C Suite Perspective. He may be reached at Phone or text: (201) 394-8160.

Recalibrating Your Leadership Style

As a company grows rapidly, its processes, structure, and its people will likely change. The CEO/owner's role will also greatly shift.

Business Strategy in a Rapidly Changing Environment

While circumstances change over time, there remains a constant: Businesses that take time to assess the external environment, take stock of their unique strengths and align those with emerging needs of carefully identified target customers can sustain high performance and success over time...

3 Steps for Leaders to Improve Focus and Results

As the organization’s leader goes through the business day, there are all manner of potential distractions. It can often seem like too much of the leader’s time is spent cleaning up messes and completing (or doing) staff work that can and should be handled at other levels of the organization. As the leader, how will you deploy your most valuable, precious resource: time?...

3 Keys to Effective Strategic Planning

Business strategy takes many forms, but it has its roots in one simple idea: Identify and satisfy customer needs in a way that is unique from the competition, and be ready to seize on opportunities quickly and efficiently. The best strategic plans have these three characteristics: they enable organizations to be fast, fluid and flexible...

Recruiting Talent Is Hard—What's the Plan for Building Your Best Team?

Finding and retaining talented, committed employees, particularly for production and sales positions, has been an enduring challenge. According to a recent survey by the Conference Board, this difficulty now extends to office workers. What to make of these findings? First, recruiting talent at all levels of the organization has become a full-time endeavor...

The Challenges That Come With Rapid Sales Growth

I read with interest recently about two publicly traded businesses facing significant challenges. They both have one thing in common: their sales are growing. Rapid sales growth is good, but it can put a strain on capital as the need to expand and ramp up quickly requires both liquidity and the capacity for investment...

7 Traits of Poor Leadership

The impact of “bad leadership” is found at all levels of leadership. How does your printing organization shape up?

Fundamentals of Effective Leadership Teams

Enduringly successful leaders begin with an essential first step: gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. This awareness brings a level of clarity and provides an effective pathway for laying out their individual responsibilities and for those of their team members...

Creative Ideas for a New Workplace

Many managers are used to the “one size fits all” model where special considerations for individual employees are all but forbidden by policies and procedures designed to ensure “fairness.” But the new, pandemic-impacted workplace means a different approach focused less on keeping exceptions to the minimum and more on working with the unique needs of each team member...

5 Steps to Planning Success

As organizations strive to make sense of a changing operating environment, effective strategic planning has never been more important.