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Jeff is executive director of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA). Prior to that, he was responsible for developing safe and compliant brand merchandise for Michelin. He has worked with brands in publishing, consumer products, broadcasting and film for over 30 years. Follow Jeff on Twitter, and QCA on Facebook.

Question: I use the order system in QuickBooks Premier. Why don’t the customer sales order and supplier purchase order appear in my financial statements?

In QuickBooks, the customer sales order and supplier purchase order are "non-posting" information. That means that they are logged in the order portion of the software, but they aren't posted in your accounting system until:

Question: I am starting out as an ad specialty distributor. Is it better to set up my books on a cash or accrual basis for tax purposes?

That is a question to be answered by your CPA. As is the case with all tax laws, the answer is not cut and dry, or simple. It is contingent on many factors, such as how your business is structured, the amount of gross annual sales, and whether or not you inventory items.

Question: When I'm not sure how to make an entry in QuickBooks, should I make a general journal entry?

No; currently, QuickBooks Premier is a desktop software and not a subscription service. That means that when you buy the software, you own it.

QuickBooks supports its desktop software, such as Premier, for three years. QuickBooks Premier 2012, for instance, is supported until May 31, 2015. During this time period, you can expect to receive automatic updates and fixes, as well as support and access to any integrated add-on services.

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