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Editor's Picks: PROMOTIONS EAST Edition
June 7, 2011

We're out at PROMOTIONS EAST today for the final day of exhibits, and after four days of Atlantic City weather and booth browsing, we've got some summer trade show-themed Editor's Picks lined up for you.

Bamboo Spun with Harsh Chemicals to Make Textiles
May 4, 2011

Bamboo isn't the perfect green product most consumers think it is.

The stalks and leaves are green, and some of the claims made by retailers are true: Bamboo grows like gangbusters without fertilizer or pesticides, it shoots up again after being cut and it's incredibly hardy.

So hardy, in fact, that it must be spun with harsh chemicals before it can be used to make textiles, including towels, clothes and baby diapers.

The resulting cloth is not natural bamboo fibre. It's man-made rayon or viscose fibre, made from bamboo pulp.

Bejeweled, Bedazzled and Branded
April 20, 2011

Prom season is here, which means it is time to break out the tiaras, imprinted prom court sashes and themed decorations.

Lea's Retail Corner - April 2011
April 12, 2011

Fashion trends come and go but a few classic accessory items are timeless. Caps and bags can help make your fashion statement a bit more personal. By embellishing with bling, your alma mater, or supporting your favorite team or charity, the added accessory to your ensemble tells us a little bit more about you.

Product of the Day: Coco Eco Flip Flops from Neet Feet
March 29, 2011

It may be 32 degrees and the forecast is calling for snow Friday, but it's technically spring. Pretend the weather is nice and prepare for summer with the Coco Eco Flip Flops from Neet Feet. Made from recycled coconut fibers, they're much more green than the trees are right now.

Editor's Picks: The Future's So Bright
March 29, 2011

Spring just started, and that means it's time to start selling for summer. Promo Marketing's getting ready for the sun with the best promotional sunglasses around.