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My Best Promotion
July 1, 2012

LARGE-SCALE INCENTIVE programs can be a challenge. The bigger a group of people gets, the more its w

Editor’s Picks: No Sweat
June 27, 2012

I admittedly don’t know much about basketball. I know the Miami Heat won the 2011-12 NBA championship. And I know that people love to hate LeBron James.

Neon Apparel versus DJ Paris Hilton
June 26, 2012

When I’m out of ideas, I have an old stand-by I like to write about—I’m talking pre-Kardashian family. I’m not a fan of guessing games, so I’ll tell you straight up: it’s like Paris Hilton, duh. Unfortunately, my material is not “Be Dazzled” appropriate, but being that it’s mid-2012, you’ve probably heard it all anyway.

Editor’s Picks: The 411 on Leggings
June 13, 2012

I love almost everything about the ‘80s. I was born in 1980. I love new wave and synthpop. I’m obligated to love movies like “Adventures in Babysitting,” “Howard the Duck” and “Dirty Dancing.” And, while I still have a genuine love for jellies (in every glitter-infused color), I suppose I also have to defend other staples of ‘80s fashion.

SanMar Launches All-New Design Center
June 13, 2012

SanMar Corporation, a leading industry supplier of apparel and accessories, announced the availability of its all-new Design Center. Building on the concepts of the former Flyer and Catalog Wizards, the Design Center features exclusive logo contouring technology to showcase the most realistic logos on marketing materials.

God Save the Hat!
June 7, 2012

I hope everyone who attended PROMOTIONS EAST 2012 had a great time. From educational seminars and an up-close look at the latest in promotional products to fashion shows (Fashion-EAST-a) and “after-dark” networking events at the hottest clubs, how could you not?

Editor’s Picks: Cash Rules Everything Around Me
May 30, 2012

People have been out of hibernation long enough now to plan their summer vacations. The million-dollar question I have to repeatedly answer is: “So, are you going on any trips this year?”

Love to Love 70s Fashion
May 24, 2012

Disco is dead, along with some of its most iconic performers. But disco-era fashion is still alive and getting it's groove on with a modern twist.

Baby Steps Lead to Big Sales in Infant Apparel
May 17, 2012

There's a new epidemic spreading throughout Hollywood-many celebrities have caught baby fever (and to the best of my knowledge this has nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey).