OTTO International Celebrates 25th Anniversary
January 14, 2008

In 2008, OTTO International, based in Ontario, marked a special milestone—their 25th anniversary as a leading supplier of hats and caps in the United States. With the milestone the company announced it will be offering 38 new styles of hat in their in-stock headwear collection and a newly enhanced overseas custom headwear program. This year the company is introducing a new line of military style caps to its in-stock headwear collection. Distributors will be able to choose from six distinct styles made from premium, superior, garment washed cotton twill in an array of colors and camouflage patterns. Styles range from soft visors to

Living in the Lap of Luxury
January 1, 2008

TIME HAS COME to answer the question, which, truthfully, has long been decided by some of the leading fashion houses: What’s in for spring? This year’s answer is not color, nor is it cut. Don’t be surprised that length is not it, either. This spring, fabrics are where it’s at. “The newest thing in business casual apparel is a gradual swing toward upscale fabrics,” noted Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at Seattle, Wash.-based SanMar. But, it’s not just any kind of fabric that’s in. “Luxury fabrics, like silk, are becoming more obtainable and are available at approachable price points,” explained Strom. Strom couldn’t be

Bodek and Rhodes Industry Pioneer with Organics
December 27, 2007

Philadelphia-based Bodek and Rhodes, one of the leading wholesaler of imprintable activewear, recently reaffirmed its commitment to being a socially responsible company. A number of new and renewed measures to support the environment and workers’ rights, including supporting organic farming and condemning sweat shops. “My father [Art Rhodes] always said, ‘Do the right thing.’ And he meant that not just in our personal lives, but in our business life as well,” said Mike Rhodes, president. For Rhodes, doing the right thing means pushing the sixty-nine-year-old business in an eco-friendly and labor-friendly direction. This year, Bodek and Rhodes announced its policy to partner only with

Alstyle Apparel Launches New Corporate Identity Logo
December 27, 2007

Alstyle Apparel and Activewear, the apparel segment of Midlothian, Texas-based Ennis, Inc. announced the launch of a new corporate identity logo. The new AAA™ logo is specifically designed to signify Alstyle’s new direction of combining all styles and brands under the AAA™ label, while moving away from the Gaziani and Tennessee River brands. “Here at Alstyle, we could not be more excited about the launch of our new corporate identity logo. Combining the AAA™ logo with the company name will generate a greater visual impact and a more powerful brand identity,” stated Todd Scarborough, president of Alstyle Apparel. About Ennis: Ennis is

Pro Towels Etc. Partners with Aloe Up
December 27, 2007

Pro Towels Etc., based in Pittsburgh, announced it has entered into an agreement with Aloe Up, of Eden Prairie, Minn—makers of Aloe Up Sun and Skin Care Products—to be the exclusive supplier partner in the towel category for Aloe Up. As part of the agreement, Pro Towels Etc. will feature a select offering of Aloe Up products as add-on options in the 2008 Pro Towels Etc. catalog. The cost for these items will be the same as if ordered directly from Aloe Up. The benefit is the elimination of multiple shipments from buying from both suppliers and increased opportunities for distributors to sell items

Vertical Source Now Carries Sport Science
December 18, 2007

Shrewsbury, New Jersey-based Vertical Source announced that it will now carry the Sport Science apparel line. Sports Science provides one single product which encompasses three end-user needs—comfort, versatility and performance. Sports Science clothing uses advanced technology that allows water to be drawn off the body, through the shirt, and into the air. In addition Sports Science uses a specially-engineered yarn so that the moisture pull is built into the fabric, meaning it will work well throughout the lifetime of the shirt. The Sports Science line uses polyester yarn to ensure a clean smell in the garment, as well as a fabric that will

Boxercraft – New 2008 Catalog and Free Sample With Registration
December 18, 2007

This January, Atlanta-based Boxercraft announced it will launch its new Spring 2008 catalog. The catalog will be mailed to promotional products distributors and decorators and will also be available at industry trade shows. Boxercraft introduced more than 20 new products for 2008, all of which will be available for purchase in January. New items include four flannel pants, madras patterns and styles, burnout tees, tunic hoodie, organic tees and tanks, tunic length tees and tanks, and sparkle cotton cuffed pants. Also, they have expanded their print and embellishment services by adding 18 new stock rhinestone transfers, custom all-over printed hoodies, and stock and

Ennis Acquires Englund Graphic Assets
December 18, 2007

Midlothian, Texas-based Ennis Inc., a manufacturer of printed business products and apparel, has acquired certain assets of Englund Graphics through its wholly owned subsidiary, Northstar. Headquartered in New Hope, Minn, Englund Graphics’ product line includes laser forms and checks, blank and printed stock, and other printed products. This opportunity presented itself as a result of Englund Graphics making the decision to exit the business after more than 30 years of serving the short run market. Included in the purchase was the key equipment used in the production of the Englund Graphics product line. Northstar has retained Kelly Faris as the key accounts customer

December 1, 2007

THE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS industry is an evolving one. Case in point: a little over five years ago when this writer first came aboard the Promo Marketing (formerly Promotional Marketing) ship, there was little, if any, talk of the environment and what the industry could do to preserve it. However, within the past two years alone, it seems the entire industry has gone “green,” with both suppliers and distributors heralding their environmentally responsible business practices and industry publications dedicating entire issues to the topic. Even with the widespread attention environmental safety has received, there are other notable topics brewing in the industry these days.

2008 Style Preview
December 1, 2007

FORGET THE FOUR SEASONS. 2008’s fashion forecast is all about states of mind. Better-cut styles will have wearers exuding confidence. Reinvigorated color choices illustrate newfound energy. Going corporate takes a turn toward the future, while organic looks keep consumers’ feet and thoughts on terra firma. Below, suppliers take stock of their offerings for the industry’s most fashion-friendly new year in recent history. “For 2008, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Missy division, which features basic to fashionable apparel that is cut to fit the everyday woman. Nine new styles will be available at the start of the year.” —Dean Vuong, vice