The Lighter Side of Business
February 6, 2008

NO MATTER WHAT tantrums Old Man Winter appears to be throwing outside, spring is right around the corner. And with spring comes change—particularly, a change in apparel. The time has come to ditch the tweed jackets and wool slacks for a lighter (and brighter) style of dressing. In the business-casual sector, this means a re-embracing of popular styles that not only help end-users bring a little leisure to the office, but also make for an easy sell for distributors. WHY BUSINESS CASUAL? Arthur Weiss, corporate sales account executive at Miami-based Perry Ellis International, praised the business-casual category as one that can foster employee productivity. “Years

Blues Traveler
February 6, 2008

ANY SELF-RESPECTING SHOPPER has come to terms with the fact that denim is a bit of a fair-weather friend. At first, it seems the world of jeans is a consumer’s oyster—endless washes, sizes and weights just begging to be tried on. But in the light of the dressing room, it rebuffs its would-be owner in a tug-of-war that inevitably leads to a pile on the floor and the buyer in a red-faced huff. Most of the industry’s suppliers have chosen to avoid this scene altogether, offering denim by way of button-down shirts, hats, aprons and the like. However, with the current move toward more fashion-forward

Bodek and Rhodes Introduces Industry’s First Private-Label Organic Cotton Line
February 5, 2008

Philadelphia-based Bodek and Rhodes, one of the leading wholesalers of imprintable activewear, announced the introduction of the promotional products industry’s first private-label organic cotton apparel, UltraClub Organic. UltraClub Organic is now available in long- and short-sleeve ring-spun tees and coordinating men’s and ladies’ polo shirts. “This is the first step into organic apparel, a whole new niche that’s only going to explode from here,” said Mike Rhodes, president. “A lot of people are talking about organic food, but not many of them understand organic cotton.” To illustrate the importance of organic cotton, Rhodes described how nearly one-quarter of the world’s pesticides are used on

February 1, 2008

OVER THE PAST few years, it’s been discussed ad nauseam, advertised to the hilt and covered extensively in the pages of this magazine and others around the globe. Everyone is aware the Green Movement has a starring role in today’s business climate, yet the abundance of jargon that comprises the revolution’s supporting cast gets very little time in the spotlight. A general understanding of the terminology can go a long way to help the sale of consumer-requested organic apparel, not to mention increase the comfort level of end-users hesitant to go the green mile. Read on for a comprehensive cheat sheet, from A

February 1, 2008

FROM THEIR INCEPTION as appropriate-for-daytime-wear wardrobe standby (or inappropriate, depending on who’s doing the judging), T-shirts have been the put-upon younger brother of the apparel clan. Slacker. Underachiever. Slob. Uniform of the basement-dwelling video-game player, or worse, the go-to garment for sweaty work outside or on a treadmill. Yet, in the last 10 years or so, there’s been a bit of a shake-up in the hierarchy. T-shirts grew up. In fact, they became king. In an effort to emanate a more offbeat vibe, many designers began adding them to their collections, emblazoned with rock-and-roll icons and/or ironic witticisms. Likewise, in a nod toward

Apple Imprints Apparel Opens New Manufacturing Location
January 29, 2008

Apple Imprints Apparel, Inc in its 27th year, is pleased to announce it has added a new location for the manufacturing of printed apparel. Tampa, Fla. is the site of the newest acquisition for their contract silk-screen services. Its adding additional automatic press services as well as a manual print division. Having both Florida and New York operations will allow Apple Imprints Apparel to service up to 30 states with one- to two- day ground shipping—allowing their clients to be more competitive with increased time and cost savings on shipped goods. For more information on Apple Imprints Apparel, visit or

Heritage Sportswear Inc. Hires Two Sales Executives
January 22, 2008

Hebron, Ohio-based Heritage Sportswear Inc., a supplier in the wholesale imprintable market, announced the addition of two new sales executives—Julie Russell and Phil Anderson. Russell brings to Heritage 12 years experience in the apparel industry. Previously with Georgia-based supplier and distributor Hartwell Industries, Russell will now cover the Michigan territory for Heritage. Russell stated, “I am excited to be a part of the Heritage Sportswear team. This is a great opportunity to be able to present such an extensive product line with the inventory to back it up. I look forward to working with such a customer-driven organization that is supported by a

Boardroom/Ecoapparel Join Bluesign Standard
January 22, 2008

Bluesign Technologies, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, announced Boardroom Custom Clothing and of Vancouver, British Columbia are new brand members of the bluesign standard. The bluesign standard is an independent, international-quality standard aimed to serve people and the environment. It identifies responsibly acting textile industry suppliers. Bluesign technologies was founded in 2000. Since then, the bluesign standard has been adopted by different leading textile manufacturers, and it meets the general need to do something about sustainability, so that next generations can benefit from an intact environment, without compromising functionality, quality or design. “We are proud to announce that we have gained a

Ashworth Inc. Announces Acquisition of Sun Ice Trademarks
January 22, 2008

Ashworth Inc., based in Carlsbad, Calif., announced the acquisition of the Sun Ice and Sunice trademarks from Fletcher Leisure Group Inc. (FLG) of Ville St. Laurent, Quebec. Ashworth expects to launch a new golf-related technical outerwear line during 2008 under this brand in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. Ashworth established a wholly owned subsidiary, Sunice Holdings Inc., which will own the Sun Ice and Sunice trademarks and be entirely focused on the new technical outerwear line. The product line will be concurrently marketed by the company’s existing sales and marketing team dedicated to Ashworth-branded apparel. FLG will provide design

Alo Introduces New Proprietary Technologies and Eco-Friendly Apparel
January 22, 2008

Created for on-the-go individuals, Alo, a women’s and men’s performance apparel brand based in Los Angeles, introduced new styles, unique proprietary technologies and new fabric mixes in its 2008 wholesale collection. Alo, named after the air, land and ocean, prides itself on being a company with a strong connection to the environment. With the inclusion of bamboo in some of its fabric mixes for the 2008 wholesale collection, Alo fortified its mission to help reduce its impact on the environment while positioning itself as a pioneer in the wholesale industry utilizing eco-friendly materials. The bamboo lyocell performance fabric has naturally