Making Green with Green
March 1, 2007

IN RESEARCHING ORGANIC apparel, one supplier asked why anyone would need an organically produced shirt. “You’re not going to eat it,” he said. When it was explained that the term “organic,” when applied to clothing, meant it was produced without pesticides or harmful fertilizers, the supplier still saw no purpose and asked what difference it would make to the shirt. It was a bad way to begin delving into a major trend in the promotional products industry, but it touched upon wide-spread misconceptions about the terminology. It also cast some light upon industry practices and viewpoints, which do have far-reaching implications. The consequences

T-shirts that Sizzle
February 1, 2007

CONVENTION AND COUTURE collide often in the fashion industry, and where the clichéd can be seen, chic can be found fleeing the scene. It is rare for something to simultaneously be hip and popular; that common articles can also be cool defies the laws of fashion physics. So it is all the more surprising when one of the most blasé, traditional tops becomes the standard for an industry. Yet across the board, T-shirts are having their spot on the catwalk. As the shirts themselves change and their place in society becomes more prominent, a different kind of T-shirt manufacturer has taken center stage. One that

A little off the top
February 1, 2007

BAD HAIRCUT, MAYBE. Or it could have been a downpour of rain, sleet, snow or a combination of the three. Possibly the snooze button was pressed one (or two, or three) too many times and there was no opportunity to get ready for work. Whatever the reason, most people have, at some point, been thankful for that often-neglected hat. Everyone has one: The hat sitting in the closet above the sad-puppy sweater mom gave on the last birthday (still with a price tag on it) and the acid-wash jeans that have been hiding since ‘88 (they might come back in style). Sooner

Charles River Apparel shows a softer side
January 5, 2007

One of the Promotional Marketing editors found Charles River Apparel’s new Apex Soft Shell Jacket at a trade show last fall and hasn’t stopped raving about it. In this video Kate Weir, strategic accounts manager, explains just what makes this jacket so fantastic.

How To Sell Surfboard Beach Towels
November 1, 2006

There are few places on earth that make people feel as calm, serene and relaxed as the beach. The breaking waves, the sand in your toes, the vivid colors of sea and sun and, of course, surfing. Who doesn’t like the beach? Surf and beach products continue to explode in the marketplace—and they are not market-specific anymore. Board Towelz Surfboard beach towels are the perfect item to bring the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the beach into any promotion. Bright colors, fun prints, soft terry and a patented shape all combine to make these beach towels the most original and memorable product to hit

How To Sell T-Shirts
November 1, 2006

As one of America’s oldest and most established manufacturers of high-quality, adult, youth and toddler, short- and long-sleeve, 100 percent cotton tees, tanks, golf shirts, ringers and various other activewear styles, Delta Apparel has expanded its offering in the junior market with a slick, lightweight fabrication offered in 12 colors. The new style can be used for layering or by itself. Expect more fashion-forward styles in the near future. Delta Apparel is committed to customer service, unparalleled quality and value. This year, the company offers new styles, multiple fabric choices and a host of colors in an incredible range of sizes—up to 5XL.

How To Sell Apparel
November 1, 2006

Any business can use apparel in a promotion. Everyone can appreciate well-designed quality clothing and will want to wear it. Choosing apparel that keeps up with the current fashion trends will further increase the success of the promotion because end-users will be more likely to wear the item. Design is also an important element in an apparel-based promotion. A cool or entertaining image is likely to be more effective when targeted to a young audience while a more elegant or simplistic look will work well with a more mature or conservative target. Applying clever slogans to a shirt may also improve the brand association

How To Sell the Latest Decoration Trends
November 1, 2006

Learning how to sell specialty decoration can increase apparel opportunities, since it provides clients with another reason to purchase product. Distributors can also gain an advantage in competitive situations by presenting the best cost alternative or technique for a specific program or order. As the leader in embroidery, Vantage stays current with trends and technology to offer designs and techniques that will set you apart from the competition. You can be assured that even the simplest logo design is perfected with the right amount of stitching and exact registration. Minimums start at just six pieces. The use of screen printing, graphic design and specialty

How To Sell Four-Color Process T-Shirts
November 1, 2006

Selling four-color process imprinting on T-shirts can be a daunting task for distributors. But, using smart strategies can yield strong results. Focus on the marketing goals of clients. Offer them attractive imprints that match their Web site or television and magazine advertisements, and they will develop a truly integrated campaign. If a magazine has a circulation of 100,000, and the price of an ad is $5,000, you can divide the cost by the number of impressions to see the cost is $0.05 per impression. Contrast that with 500 T-shirts costing a total of $3,000. Divide that by 250,000 impressions, given the repeat use and