Caps and Headwear

Editor's Picks: Using Your Head
January 18, 2012

Whether you're hitting the slopes with your skis or wiping out on them with you face, this week's Editor's Picks has got you covered with warm headwear.

Product of the Day: Vintage Cap from Vitronic Promotional Group
October 12, 2011

Maybe it's the Mad Men effect, but vintage is in again. Cat-eye glasses, retro dresses and plaid shirts are all popular. With its distressed and unstructured look, Vitronic Promotional Group's Vintage Cap will fit right in. Plus, it looks much nicer than that other vintage headwear, the mullet.

Product of the Day: Pirate Hat Visor from Spirit Industries
September 19, 2011

Look alive, ye scurvy-plagued wharf rats. September 19 be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and in honor of this most sacred tradition, please ya to be wearin' a Pirate Hat Visor from Spirit Industries, else ye be dancin' with Davy Jones right soon.

Editor's Picks: The Ecology
June 22, 2011

June's Promo Marketing STYLE features a product spotlight on green apparel, which led to one of the greatest dilemmas of my career as an editor: trying to come up with headline not based on "Bein' Green."