My Best Promotion
March 1, 2014

It shouldn't surprise anyone that, these days, cellphones are big business. And where there's big business, there's a big marketing opportunity

CES 2014: Top Tech Trends
January 8, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is turning out to be a blockbuster—and with good reason. Last year's attendance topped a record 150,000, and every indication is that this year will match or exceed that number. And you would think that with Mobile World Congress looming in February that we'd see little action in the mobile space, but that's not the case.

So what's hot on the CES floor this year? It's positively littered with tablets, convertible laptops, phones, fitness gadgets, cameras, HDTVs, and cars—you name it, and you'll find a ton of it here.

The Smartphones of CES 2014
January 6, 2014

Amid the wearable devices, TVs, and laptop hybrids, smartphones still have a strong presence at CES. We've already seen several devices debut ahead of and at the show, and we're expecting many more to pop up before it's all over. We're rounding up all of the phones, both smart and not, here so you can see what we're seeing at CES 2014. Check back often for new devices as they're announced.

OrigAudio: Why Landing at a Big Retailer Wasn't Our Golden Goose
December 30, 2013

Electronics supplier OrigAudio explains its decision to focus on the promotional industry.

If your startup is focused on offering customers products, landing at a big-name retailer may not always be the best route.

That said, my audio-equipment company, OrigAudio, did experience benefits from partnering up with the likes of Bed Bath & Beyond and Nordstrom. For one, it was great brand exposure, and these partnerships meant huge sales volumes that most likely we would not have been able to achieve otherwise. However, despite record sales, we were shocked to discover net profit was lacking.

Retailers Recall TVs from Now-Shuttered Coby Electronics
December 18, 2013

Since Coby Electronics, Lake Success, N.Y., shut its doors and sold its assets over the summer, eight retailers voluntarily recalled one of its TVs that reportedly has caught fire, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which issued the recall of the 32" Coby Flat Screen TV (select serial numbers of model number TFTV3229) Dec. 12.

World's E-Waste to Grow 33 Percent by 2017, Report Says
December 17, 2013

By 2017, the global volume of discarded refrigerators, TVs, cellphones, computers, monitors and other electronic waste will weigh almost as much as 200 Empire State Buildings, a new report predicts.

The forecast, based on data gathered by United Nations organizations, governments, and nongovernment and science organizations in a partnership known as the "Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) Initiative," predicts e-waste generation will swell by a third in the next five years, led by the United States and China. The StEP Initiative created a map of the world's e-waste, which is available online.

MAGLITE Enters the Promotional Industry as Supplier
December 16, 2013

MAGLITE recently announced that it will be entering the promotional/premiums and incentives industry as a direct supplier, as of January 1, 2014. The company will be handling these new markets through a new division called "MAGLITE PROMO DIRECT."

Marc Puglisi and Scott Kennis will be managing the new division. "Marc and Scott are a team with longstanding distinction and deep experience," said Anthony Maglica, company founder and owner. "With a combined record of accomplishment spanning 50 years, they are skilled relationship builders with a vast knowledge of the promotional products/premiums incentives industry. Marc and Scott have a long history with Mag Instrument and are well-known to many of our promotional products/premium incentive customers."

PM Video Battle: Motivator's Johnny Cash Versus OrigAudio's Rap Anthem
December 13, 2013

Promo Marketing's Video Battle pits two industry videos against each other for the chance at the ultimate bragging right: Being declared our readership's absolute favorite. This week it's the country versus the city in a showdown between Johnny Cash and OrigAudio's catchy rap anthem.

Crown Products Revamps Brand
December 9, 2013

Based in Mobile, Ala., Crown Products revealed a new logo to ring in 2014.

Its icon now has a physical crown appearing at the end of the word "Crown," almost like a "speech bubble," with its motto "whatever it takes!" below.