The sounds of Swiss Army
January 5, 2007

Elisabeth Campo, manager, marketing and licensing for Swiss Army Brands, showcases the addition of an MP3 player to the Swiss Army line as well as increased capacity on USB drives.

How To Sell USB Flash Drives
November 1, 2006

In today’s fast-paced world, with hundreds of television channels and millions of Web sites, there are more and more ads competing for people’s attention. As a result, it is harder for advertisers to reach their target markets. However, well-chosen promotional products, such as All-In-One’s USB flash drives, provide perfect, eye-catching solutions. For instance, an imprinted USB flash drive is unique yet practical for home, school and office use. All-In-One’s available data uploads enable flash drives to be used to deliver in-depth marketing materials, videos, music, software, documents and much more. And, because All-In-One offers a variety of USB flash drives to choose

04/06 New Prods_G&L
April 1, 2006

Easy Does It The Easy Grip Pillbox from G&L Sales brings simplicity to those with medication regimens. Designed specifically for baby boomers—who make 74 percent of all prescription drug purchases—the pillbox includes a non-spill locking lid, a non-slip base and lid, and extra-large storage compartments. The product also features a built-in prescription vial opener on the bottom, a removable lid and a comfortable, ergonomic design. Removable dividers enable end-users to select either seven-day, seven-day AM/PM or 14-day schedules. Markets: Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Health-Care, Insurance, Safety Uses: Safety Programs, Reinforce Products & Services Circle 201 on Info Card or visit www.pmdm.com/infocard