Leed's Improves SureShip One-Day Turnaround Program
April 6, 2009

Leed’s, based in New Kensington, Pa., a member of Polyconcept North America, announced it has made changes to improve its SureShip program. In January, Leed’s expanded SureShip to include uploading onto USB memory devices. Now, three more of the program’s parameters have been expanded to encompass more orders.

Leed's Bolsters EcoSmart Line with Less Than $5 Price Points
February 24, 2009

New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Leed’s, a member of Polyconcept North America, announced it added products to its EcoSmart line to meet market demands for “green” promotions at a range of price points and across an array of styles and categories. [...] a portion of the proceeds from the sale of EcoSmart products is donated to American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organizatio, to plant trees in North American planting projects.

Leed's Announces Leadership Changes
February 17, 2009

New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Leed's, a member of Polyconcept North America and the second largest supplier within the promotional products industry, announced it has hired a business development representative for Leed’s Canada and a regional sales manager for the Northwestern U.S. Leed’s also announced it has expanded roles within its sales and marketing areas to ensure stronger alignment across those functions.

Leed's Reaches Tier II C-TPAT Supply Chain Certification
January 27, 2009

New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Leed’s, a member of Polyconcept North America, the second largest supplier within the promotional products industry, announced it has taken the next step to further secure its international supply chain by participating in an overseas audit and achieving Tier II certification with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

New President and CEO at Fey Line
January 27, 2009

Edgerton, Minnesota-based Fey Industries announced it selected 30-year consumer packaged goods and direct sales veteran Michael B. Ziebell as president and CEO.

A Spoonful of Sugar
January 1, 2009

MARY POPPINS HERSELF would happily confess the number of times her umbrella was a lifesaver—helping her blow town right before being asked troubling questions like, “Why is the banister so well-dusted?” or “Why are my children spending time with vagrant chimney sweeps?”

Aesop and the Kitchen
December 1, 2008

WHEN TRYING TO break new ground with kitchen and household promotions, distributors may be well-served to recall the classic children’s fable about the country mouse and the city mouse. To briefly summarize, the story features two mice each unable to tolerate the other’s habitat. The city mouse cannot bear the simplicity of the country mouse’s diet, and the country mouse is horrified by the constant dangers of the city. So, to apply the lessons of the fable, it’s important to consider end-users’ comfort zones and give them products they’ll actually like. Choose garden tools for the country mouse, a martini set for

February 1, 2008

T’S NOT THAT easy being green. When Icelandic musician, Bragi Thor Valsson penned this lyric decades ago—which later became famous in the 1970’s by everybody’s favorite frog, Kermit—he couldn’t have known how prophetic the words would one day prove to be. Aside from providing a lovable children’s puppet with a cathartic means by which to come to terms with his self image, the lyric has, for this writer, come to epitomize the largely unspoken sentiment felt by much of the industry—What exactly does it mean to “go green?” For many suppliers, such as Fenton, Missouri-based QuickPoint, going green has to do with the incorporation,

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
December 1, 2007

THERE IS NO denying food preparation plays a particularly crucial role in people’s lives and interactions. Aside from being an inescapable, everyday task, the act of making a meal can carry powerful significance. Offerings of hospitality are frequently made in the form of a freshly prepared feast, as are gestures of appreciation and goodwill. During the holiday season, it becomes especially evident that cooking is part of the way in which people celebrate. Whether honoring Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa this winter, many families will partake in the festivities by gathering together around the dinner table. Cooking and eating, simply put, are more than biological

04/06 Trade Shows_Flow
April 1, 2006

Light the Way Trade show exhibitors can light the way to their booths with a light-up fan from Flow-Eze. The fan features five ultra-bright LEDs that light up in an array of patterns and can be programmed to display a message, such as a company or product name. Available in black, blue, green, red and silver, the fan is a fun and innovative way to spread ideas. It boasts a 1x1" imprint area and includes batteries. Markets: Trade Shows, Entertainment, Education Uses: Trade Show Promotion, Generate Sales Leads Circle 284 on Info Card or visit