Personal Care

Ariel Premium Supply Launches New Flyer Wizard Service
October 20, 2009

St. Louis-based Ariel Premium Supply announced it launched a new service designed to help distributors increase sales. The new Flyer Wizard service allows distributors to select up to 10 Ariel Premium Supply products,

Hotel Redux
March 3, 2009

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to write a bit about selling to the hotel industry this week. Larry Wilhelm, president and owner of Custom HBC, gave me a ton of information that I wasn't able to use for my March travel feature, but I thought was interesting and useful and I don't want to let it slip by. What follows is Wilhelm explaining different ways distributors can target the hotel industry with health-care promotions, more or less directly from our interview, edited only for length and clarity.

Leadership Advisory Committee Issues Call to Serve
February 3, 2009

Members of the PPAI Leadership Advisory Committee released a message for its members urging participation in the industry by submitting a nomination form for the PPAI Board of Directors.

Special Treatments
February 1, 2009

Everything “bad” is good again! Eat dark chocolate for the antioxidants. Drink red wine for the heart-healthy benefits. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee and lower the risk for diabetes.

Not so fast, though.

Promotions That Really Make Sense
May 1, 2008

THERE’S NO OTHER industry that appeals to and satisfies the five senses quite like the promotional products industry. If a treat is needed to sweeten a business deal, there is no shortage of companies offering up the right confections. If a tune is required to spread good will, a selection of suppliers can be found on the playlist. The five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell battle for equal airtime in an industry that’s all about getting customers’ names out there. Following, industry suppliers offering products representa-tive of each sensory category share their take on why their items are the most

To Your Health!
December 1, 2006

THERE IS A growing problem in the United States: citizens’ bellies. With each passing year, the Center for Disease Control, the surgeon general, and the American Heart Association continue their cries about the dangers of obesity. And, if the official U.S. health-oriented organizations aren’t proof enough that Americans are growing wider, surely a poll of any eatery would confirm the fact. The warnings have reached a violently high pitch and Americans are finally catching on. Healthy living trends are changing retail and corporate focuses. The new considerations encompass relaxation, mental health and skin care, as well as exercise and diet. This is an ideal time for