Glenn Beck Launches 1791 Brand Apparel
October 17, 2012

Glenn Beck may be relying on the appeal of the blue-collar worker on his new 1791 Supply & Co. clothing website, but he might be hard-pressed to find many who could afford the $129 for a pair of “premium, ring-spun selvage denim” or $90 Western-style shirts.

The collection was inspired by Beck’s anger with Levi’s jeans for its ads featuring young people facing off against police, according to Women’s Wear Daily. In 1791 the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution— and Beck wants American consumers to remember their founding fathers with their clothing choices.

Fashion Meets Football: Marchesa’s New York Jets Shirt
October 3, 2012

In August, the National Football League ramped up its focus on female fans (hey, women love football, too!) with “It’s My Team,” a marketing campaign for its team-branded apparel designed for women. With print ads that featured former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, tennis champ Serena Williams, a former Miss USA and other women dressed in NFL gear and stilettos, the league seemed to suggest that fashion and football can go hand in hand. On Wednesday, the NFL released a new product to corroborate that idea: a New York Jets shirt designed by Marchesa.

SanMar Releases 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
September 19, 2012

Seattle-based SanMar Corporation, a leading industry supplier of apparel and accessories, launched its 2012 Holiday Gift Guide featuring more than 85 gift ideas from brand favorites.

Product of the Day: Spartan from Tri-Mountain
October 11, 2011

Forged in combat from a 60/40 cotton/poly blend, the Spartan golf shirt from Tri-Mountain has the strength of 10 normal shirts and can stand against the countless hordes of Xerxes. It's also good if it gets a bit nippy out. Preferably purchased in quantities of 300.