Play It Safe
March 1, 2010

Accidents happen. In fact, a lot of accidents happen. The Centers for Disease Control reported that the number of medically attended injury and poisoning episodes in the noninstitutionalized population is estimated at 33.3 million annually.

Natural Trends Partners with WD-40 on the No Mess Pen
February 23, 2010

Provo, Utah-based Natural Trends LLC announced it has been named the exclusive promotional products channel partner for the WD-40 No Mess Pen. A 57 year-old firm, WD-40 is an American icon with 97 percent brand recognition.

Fun with FlashForward
September 29, 2009

Based on my love of Lost, I decided to check out FlashForward last Thursday. It was okay I guess. Overall I wasn't too impressed. The pilot seemed overly expository and character dialogue was a bit clunky and forced. Still, it was just the first episode, so I suppose I'll give the show a few more episodes before I cross it off the list.

Leed's Improves SureShip One-Day Turnaround Program
April 6, 2009

Leed’s, based in New Kensington, Pa., a member of Polyconcept North America, announced it has made changes to improve its SureShip program. In January, Leed’s expanded SureShip to include uploading onto USB memory devices. Now, three more of the program’s parameters have been expanded to encompass more orders.

Prime Line Announces Price Matching Program
February 10, 2009

Prime Line, based in Bridgeport, Conn., announced the launch of a new price matching program. The company will match any competitor's advertised price on the same item. The program applies to items of substantially equal value.