Writing Instruments

BIC Graphic USA Revolutionizes Free 24-hour Service
June 23, 2009

Clearwater, Florida-based BIC Graphic USA announced it will launch a new free 24-hour service promotion. The promotion is backed by the company's guarantee that if an order does not ship within 24 hours, the whole order is free.

Desktop Deluge
June 19, 2009

WE’VE ALL BEEN there. Wandering slowly through the long, wide aisles of your local office megastore, sifting through shelf after shelf of office products, wondering what to buy. There are no-smudge pens and tri-colored pencils, stapleless staplers, safety scissors, decidedly unsafe industrial scissors, and more brands of plain white paper than what is realistically conceivable. Deciding amongst all the different products can be difficult, which is how one usually ends up sitting in the fluorescent, timeless hallways, mulling highlighter colors for 45 minutes.

Leed's Expands Offering of Products Less Than $5
April 13, 2009

New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Leed’s, a member of Polyconcept North America, the second-largest supplier within the promotional products industry, announced it is significantly increasing its offering of products less than $5 with its April 13 "Priced Just Right" product launch. 

Show Specials
April 8, 2009

Dinosaurs are extinct because they just didn’t make the natural selection all-star team. The behemoths might have been chosen for sheer muscle power, but honestly, they weren’t moving fast enough, and no amount of spring training can knock the evolutionary destiny out of a potential competitor.

Cedar Crest Manufacturing Begins Operations
March 17, 2009

Cedar Crest Manufacturing, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a new supplier of writing instruments to the promotional products industry. Founded by a team of former Norwood/Souvenir staff, the company offers a distribution network with more than 80 years of experience.

Newton Manufacturing Honors HUB Pen
March 10, 2009

Hub Pen Company, located in Braintree, Mass., announced Newton Manufacturing Company of Newton, Iowa, honored it as one of the company's top suppliers for 2008.  Newton chooses their top supplier based on many criteria, including product quality, sales volume, timely response to service needs and marketing efforts.